The Enrollment Management Committee's goal is to ensure enrollment goals are aligned with the college’s mission, including student learning achievement and outcomes, as well as board priorities and college plans.

Classification Name Status
Administrator Geisce Ly Co-Chair
Administrator Monika Liu Member
Administrator Vinicio Lopez Member
Administrator Mandy Liang Alternate
Administrator Lidia Jenkins Alternate
Classified Colin Hall Alternate
Classified Aurelien Drai Member
Classified Dawn Mokuau Member
Classified Arlette Marcial Member
Classified Juan Fernandez Alternate
Classified Silvia Urrutia Alternate
Faculty Edgar Torres Member
Faculty Carole Meagher Co-Chair
Faculty Wynd Kaufmyn Member
Faculty Joseph Reyes Alternate
Faculty Steven Brown Alternate
Student Hakan Kaya Alternate
Student Luisangela Marcano Alternate
Administrator Pam Mery Resource
Administrator Lisa Cooper-Wilkins Resource
Administrator Dave Vigo Resource
Administrator Rosie Zepeda Resource