The Budget Committee meets as required to understand, discuss, evaluate and make recommendations on the District’s annual budget, budget processes, and budget procedures.

Upcoming Meetings

Committee Description and Purpose
Classification Name Status
Administrator Adil Ahmed Chair
Administrator Garth Kwiecien Member
Administrator John Halpin Alternate
Administrator Maria D'Souza Alternate
Classified Michael Snider Member
Classified Maria Salazar- Colon Member
Classified David Delgado Member
Classified Vaishali Jogi Alternate
Classified Gudu Kere Alternate
Classified  Silvia Urrutia Alternate
Faculty Ekaterina Fuchs (Katia Fuchs) Member
Faculty Susan Atwood Member
Faculty Jessica Buchsbaum Member
Faculty Edward Simon Hanson Alternate
Faculty Doug Orr Alternate
Faculty  Joseph Reyes Alternate
Student Petrina Pledger Member
Student Samia Amin Member
Student  Shannon Rouchon Alternate