The Budget Committee meets as required to understand, discuss, evaluate and make recommendations on the District’s annual budget, budget processes, and budget procedures.

Upcoming Meetings

Committee Description and Purpose
Classification Name Status
Administrator John al-Amin Chair
Administrator Wendy Miller Member
Administrator David Yee Member
Administrator Guillermo Villanueva Member
Administrator Bobbi Ford McCormick Alternate
Classified Athena Steff Member
Classified Maria Salazar- Colon Member
Classified Christopher Brodie Member
Classified  David Delgado  Alternate
Classified Michael Snider Alternate
Classified Karl Gamarra Alternate
Faculty Simon Hanson Member
Faculty Susan Atwood Member
Faculty Abigail Bornstein Member
Faculty Carole Meagher Alternate
Faculty Michael Needham Alternate
Student Peiying Guan Member
Student Xiaowen Tang Member
Student Orlando Galvez Member