The Accreditation Steering Committee is a subcommittee of the Participatory Governance Council.

Its primary responsibilities are to:

  • Communicate accreditation information about accreditation standards and best practices throughout the college.
  • Foster college-wide dialogue on how the college meets or does not meet accreditation standards.
  • Serve as a conduit for constituency input into accreditation reports and responses.
  • Create and monitor plans and timelines for the preparation of all accreditation reports and responses required by ACCJC.
  • Provide leadership in the preparation of reports.
  • Monitor plans and timelines for the remediation of areas in which the College does not fully meet accreditation standards.

Classification Name Status
Administrator Kristin Charles Co-Chair
Administrator Cynthia Dewar Member
Administrator Amy Coffey Member
Administrator Lidia Jenkins Alternate
Administrator Vacant Alternate
Administrator Vacant Alternate
Faculty Sheri Miraglia Co-Chair
Faculty Andrea Niosi Member
Faculty Steven Brown Member
Faculty Joseph Reyes  Alternate
Faculty Madeline Mueller Alternate
Faculty Vacant Alternate
Classified Chris Brodie Member
Classified Michael Snider Member
Classified Vacant Member
Classified Judy Seto Alternate
Classified Maria Salazar-Colon Alternate
Classified Vacant Alternate
Student Shang Xu Member
Student Vacant Member
Student Vacant Member
Student Vacant Alternate
Student Vacant Alternate
Student Vacant Alternate