The Accreditation Steering Committee is a subcommittee of the Participatory Governance Council.

Its primary responsibilities are to:

  • Communicate accreditation information about accreditation standards and best practices throughout the college.
  • Foster college-wide dialogue on how the college meets or does not meet accreditation standards.
  • Serve as a conduit for constituency input into accreditation reports and responses.
  • Create and monitor plans and timelines for the preparation of all accreditation reports and responses required by ACCJC.
  • Provide leadership in the preparation of reports.
  • Monitor plans and timelines for the remediation of areas in which the College does not fully meet accreditation standards.

Committee members

  • Administrator: Kristin Charles, Co-Chair
  • Administrator: Cynthia Dewar
  • Administrator: Donna Reed
  • Classified Staff: Chris Brodie
  • Classified Staff: Jorge Murillo
  • Classified Staff: Rui (Ray) Wen
  • Faculty: Andrea Niosi
  • Faculty: Kathleen White
  • Faculty: Sheri Miraglia, Co-Chair
  • Trustee: John Rizzo
  • Trustee: Thea Selby
  • Student: Jolene Huey
  • Student:
  • Student:

Alternate members

  • Administrator: Lidia Jenkins
  • Administrator:
  • Classified Staff: Athena Steff
  • Classified Staff: Judy Seto
  • Faculty:
  • Faculty: