Please email your constituency appointing body if you want to be appointed to the council.


Classified Staff



Dianna Gonzales (Chair)

Athena Steff (Member)

Alexis Litzky (Member)

Angelica Campos


Lidia Jenkins (Member)

Maria Salazar-Colon (Member)

Jenny Worley (Member)

Darzelle Oliveros (Member)

Elizabeth Coria (Member)

Michael Snider (Member)

Maria del Rosario Villasana (Member)

Drew Min (Member)

John Halpin (Member)

vacant (Member)

Lisa Romano (Member)

Kaitlyn Lenkeit (Member)

vacant (Alternate)

vacant (Alternate)

Wynd Kaufmyn (Alternate)

Katarina Spisz (Alternate)

Guillermo Villanueva (Alternate)

vacant (Alternate)

Joseph Reyes (Alternate)

Gudu Kere (Alternate)

Shawn Yee (Alternate)

vacant (Alternate)

Coni Staff (Alternate)

Brenton Lai (Alternate)

Donna Reed (Alternate) vacant (Alternate) Edward Simon Hanson (Alternate) vacant (Alternate)