Please email your constituency appointing body if you want to be appointed to the council.

Administrators Classified Staff Faculty Students
Dianna Gonzales (Chair) Athena Steff (Member) Simon Hanson (Member) Angelica Campos (Member)
Mandy Liang (Member) Maria Salazar-Colon (Member) Fanny Law (Member) Orlando Galvez (Member)
John Halpin (Member) Chris Brodie (Member) Malaika Finkelstein (Member)

Ronald Gonzalez (Member)

Wendy Miller (Member) Michael Snider (Member) Maria del Rosario Villasana(Member) Kurtis Chen (Member)
Torrance Bynum (Alternate) Karl Gamarra (Alternate) Stephanie MacAller (Alternate) Tarquin Gaines (Alternate)
  David Delgado (Alternate) Mary Bravewoman (Alternate) Liliya Zakharova (Alternate)
    Joseph Reyes (Alternate)  
    Mitra Sapienza (Alternate)