Attention CCSF Students!


Check out the Latest News link in the News & Deadlines tab for events for community college students.

Universities like UC Berkeley, SF State, HBCUs, and others have free virtual events for students. We have a list and continually add more as we receive invitations for our CCSF students. Keep checking the Latest News link for events throughout the semester.

The Transfer Center is now located in MUB 101.

About the Transfer Center

The Transfer Center offers support and resources to help students prepare and successfully transfer to a four-year degree program. We are committed to helping all students become better informed and ready for future educational opportunities at a college or university.

Connect with a Transfer Center Counselor:

Summer 2023 (June 5 - July 20)

Please read through the options below to learn about available services in the summer.

The Transfer Center is assisting students for transferring to a University for fall 2023 and are requesting for the following services:

  • IGETC certification
  • Questions about admission offers/denials/appeals

In your email, please include the following information

  • Your student ID number
  • Have you submitted the statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to a university? If yes, name of the school
  • Are you waitlisted for another university?
  • Term that IGETC requirements will be fulfilled

Thank you, and please be aware that it may take 2-3 business days to receive an email response.

Student who have transfer questions other than F2023 admission, other counseling offices are also available to serve you

Academic counselors are also knowledgeable about the college transfer process, and they can answer transfer questions.

Appointments can be made through the following methods:

In-person drop-in counseling is not available in the summer and it will resume in the Fall semester. Please check back in the future.