Attention CCSF Students!

Check out the Latest News link in the News & Deadlines tab for events for community college students.

Universities like UC Berkeley, SF State, HBCUs, and others have free virtual events for students. We have a list and continually add more as we receive invitations for our CCSF students. Keep checking the Latest News link for events throughout the semester.


UCLA will have a virtual visit for CCSF student in May.

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Time: 12pm - 5pm


About the Transfer Center

The Transfer Center offers support and resources to help students prepare and successfully transfer to a four-year degree program. We are committed to helping all students become better informed and ready for future educational opportunities at a college or university.

Connect with a Transfer Center Counselor:

Our remaining appointments for this semester are limited. We will only be able to serve students who applied for admission fall 2022 and who needs:

  • IGETC certification
  • Discuss admission offers/denials/appeals

If you meet one of these conditions, please send us an email and include the following information:

  • Your student ID number
  • Name of the school that you have submitted your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)
  • Term that IGETC requirements will be fulfilled

All Other Transfer Questions
Academic counselors are also knowledgeable about the college transfer process and can answer transfer questions.

Appointment with Academic Counseling can be made through the following methods:

Transfer Zoom Drop-in Counseling is not available until further notice.

Congratulations on your transfer admission!

Transfer Center Next Steps

UC and CSU Next Steps Presentations

Here you can learn information about academic and campus resources, critical deadlines, financial aid and scholarships, student organizations, and housing.

Next Steps for Fall 2022 Admitted Students

The various CSU and UC campuses are hosting events for incoming
transfer students throughout April and May.

A complete list of campus events on the website


The date ranges are provided below along with the link for more information on the events.

UC Berkeley: May 7 (In-person)
UC Davis: May 13 (In-person)
UC Irvine: May 6 and May 13 (In-person)
UCLA: May 13 and 14 (Hybrid)
UC Merced: April 23 and May 18 (In-person); March 22 — May 27 (Virtual)
UC Riverside: April 30 (In-person)
UC San Diego: May 14 (In-person); May 9  — May 12 (Virtual)
UC Santa Barbara: April 29 (Virtual) and May 6 (In-person)
UC Santa Cruz: April 16; Divisional Welcome Events April 18 — 22 (All virtual); Transfer Fridays May 6, 13, 20 and 27  (All virtual)

UC Notes:

  • Students attending in-person events will be expected to comply with campus COVID-19 protocols, which either appear or are linked on the event websites above.
  • Hybrid events will have both in-person and virtual programming.
  • The actual event websites may not go live until decisions are released by the campus.
  • Check with the campuses for more information.