We will strive towards facilities being functional, reliable and user-friendly, clean and well maintained, attractive, and meet(s) accessibility standards for students with disabilities. Facilities should convey respect for the learning mission of the college and all members of the college community. As City College is an important crossroads in our very diverse city, facilities should be designed to promote community-building, critical thinking, creativity, and dialog.


Administrators Classified Staff Faculty Students Unrepresented
Torrance Bynum (Member, Chair) Jeffrey Kelly (Member) Steven Brown (Member, co-Chair) Brenna Stroud (Member) Vacant (Member)
Leilani Battiste (Member) Maria Salazar-Colon (Member) Wynd Kaufmyn (Member) Jessica Nguyen (Member) Tim Ryan (Alternate)
Cherisa Yarkin (Member)  Athena Steff (Member) Madeline Mueller (Member) Vacant (Alternate)  
KenZoe Brian J. Selassie-Okpe (Member) Andrew Ciscel (Alternate) Alan D'Souza (Member)    
Vacant (Alternate) Michael Snider  (Alternate) Lennis Carlson (Alternate)    
    Muriel Parenteau (Alternate)