High-Quality College Readiness Services

The Office of Outreach Services provides high-quality comprehensive college readiness services to prospective students, high school students, K-12 faculty, staff, administrators from both public and private sectors, and community-based organizations.

Get to Know CCSF

Services We Offer

We provide outreach services to ensure prospective students are knowledgeable and prepared for the college experience. We aim to strengthen our partnership with K-12 schools, community-based organizations, and government agencies to ensure students are adequately informed of the comprehensive support services offered by the campus community. 

Our services include, but is not limited to: 

  • Presentations
  • Campus tours
  • College and resource fairs
  • Application and registration workshops

The Student Ambassadors Program

The Student Ambassadors Program utilizes current students to connect with prospective and new students to help them learn more about the college and support them in the enrollment steps.