Commencement Ceremony 2024

(Updated 2/5/24)

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2024, 11:00 am
Location: George Rush Stadium (CCSF Football Field), Ocean Campus
Duration: 2 Hours

CCSF commencement ceremony on football field
Preparation for Commencement
  1. Visit the CCSF Graduation Information webpage for more details on how to apply for your degree. Once your degree is verified by the Graduation department, you will be eligible for the Commencement Ceremony. Students who have completed their degree in Summer 2023, Fall 2023, or Spring 2024 are eligible to participate. (Students who are within six units from completing their degrees and are registered to complete their remaining courses in Summer 2024 are also eligible.)

  2. RSVP to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. Please use this link Commencement RSVP. The RSVP deadline is May 6, 2024.

  3. Order your cap and gown from the CCSF Bookstore. You can visit anytime or order online, please email the CCSF Bookstore at with any questions. Plan to attend Grad Finale to pick up your cap and gown. Grad Finale will be held on April 29-May 2 between 10am-7pm. You only have to attend once. 

  4. Attend Commencement on Thursday, May 23 at 11 am at George M. Rush Stadium.

         Please check your CCSF email for important Commencement updates regularly. 

Regalia and other Commencement-related Details

What is Grad Finale? It’s the first of many celebrations of your achievement. You have the opportunity to view and purchase academic regalia packages, order personalized announcements, order personalized stoles, get your photo taken in cap & gown by a professional photographer, and shop for other gifts and memorabilia specific to the Class of 2024. The Bookstore is the official vendor for academic regalia packages. Students may purchase regalia at Grad Finale and through the remainder of the term during the Bookstore’s regular hours while supplies last. Registered Nursing Students should consult their class coordinator for RN specific information. Grad Finale will be held on
Monday, April 29
Tuesday, April 30
Wednesday, May 1
Thursday, May 2
Time: 10 am - 7:00 pm 
at the CCSF Ocean Campus Bookstore
. You only need to attend one day and no reservation is required. Plan to spend approximately one hour at Grad Finale.

Recognition Package: Graduates who attend Grad Finale receive a recognition package that includes their cap and tassel and other items, information about what to do on Commencement Day, and special messages and treats from the Bookstore and other campus departments. Recognition packages are only available for pick-up at the Bookstore and cannot be shipped. You must attend in person.

Regalia: Associated Students will be providing a cap and tassel for Class of 2024 graduates. You will only need to purchase or otherwise acquire a black gown (except RN students) and any other accessories you want to wear to Commencement. A gown is available at the Bookstore for $33 plus tax and there will be packages available only at Grad Finale that let you bundle additional items for a savings. Regalia items may also be purchased individually on the Bookstore website.

Graduation Announcements: Announcements are NOT invitations to the ceremony, they are a formal way to announce to your family and friends that you have completed your degree and let them share in your success. Students may choose to purchase personalized announcements through Jostens. Please visit the Jostens website for more information about their products. Packages of 5 announcements and Custom Notecards are also available at the Bookstore.

Photography: You will have the opportunity to be photographed in cap & gown at Grad Finale by Grad Images. Please keep in mind your shirt collar will be visible under the gown as will the bottoms of your pants and your shoes, please plan accordingly. Students are encouraged to pre-register at Grad Images for additional savings. There is no charge to have your picture taken, you only pay for any prints purchased. Grad Images will also be taking photos at the Commencement Ceremony as you cross the stage.

Honors: CCSF recognizes your achievement and you graduate with honors when your cumulative GPA is 3.30 or better (as of Fall 2023). Students whose GPA meets this requirement are eligible to purchase a gold honors cord for $13 plus tax. Please be prepared to show your GPA via MyRAM portal to the cashier to prove eligibility to purchase. This same cord is also available to members of ABG and AGS. Students that successfully complete the Honors Program also have the option to purchase an honors program stole for $25 plus tax.

CCSF graduating students
CCSF students at graduation
CCSF students graduating
Students at CCSF graduation

City College of San Francisco is committed to offering an accessible, in-person commencement ceremony. If you have a specific accommodation, please email as soon as possible. You can also provide the accommodation needs of you and/or your guests when you complete the RSVP Form (link will be posted soon).

More information will be posted soon. 


ASL interpreters for guests will be available in front of section of the stadium. Please indicate on your RSVP form if your guests require seating near the interpreters.


Parking information will be posted soon. 


Tickets will be emailed by mid-May to graduates who RSVPed for the Commencement Ceremony. Graduates can share their tickets with guests by email or they can be printed out. Guests should bring their ticket(s) to the event (either on mobile device or by printing). Graduates received the number of tickets that were requested (one ticket per each confirmed guest). All guests will require their own ticket except for young children sitting on laps.

  1. Face coverings/masks are recommended.

  2. Seats are available on a first-come first-served basis. 

List of items PROHIBITED on the premises during the event:

  • Alcohol 

  • Balloons

  • Canopies

  • Glass bottles

  • Horns

  • Ice coolers

  • Illegal substances

  • Large signs

  • Umbrellas

Commencement FAQs

Graduation Regalia and Photos 

Q: Where can I order my cap and gown/graduation regalia? 
A: You can get your graduation regalia/recognition package from the CCSF Bookstore or you can order from them online. The cap and tassel are provided free of charge by Associated Students. The gown can be purchased for $33 plus tax.

Q: What if I missed the Grad Finale? Is it too late to order my cap and gown?
A: No problem! You can stop by the Ocean Campus Bookstore during their business hours or you can order from their website.

Q: How can I obtain my cap and gown if I am out of state/not physically present?
A: Your gown can be ordered on the Bookstore website- and will be delivered to your home. 

Q: Can I still receive my graduation regalia but not attend graduation?
A: Recognition packages (free cap and tassel) are reserved for students who will be participating in the ceremony. If you are not planning to attend graduation, you may still purchase regalia on the Bookstore website. 

Q: Do we need a Student ID Card to pick up graduation regalia/attend graduation?
A: Student ID is preferred but the Bookstore can accept another photo ID to cross-check.
Q: Where can I pick up my regalia if I cannot make it to the Grad Finale?
A: If you’re unable to attend Grad Finale, you can pick up your regalia during regular Bookstore hours. Please see the Bookstore website for store hours.
Q: When is the last day to pick up my cap and gown?
A: The last day to pick up graduation regalia will be Wednesday, May 22, 2024.
Q: Are we allowed to decorate our graduation caps? Are we allowed to wear our own stoles instead of the ones from CCSF?
A: Yes, you are allowed to decorate your graduation cap, as long as it is appropriate. Yes, you are allowed to wear your own appropriate stoles instead of the ones from CCSF. 

Q: Are there options to take family photos at the Grad Finale?
A: Grad Images does not take group/family photos at the Grad Finale. 


Graduation Eligibility and Diploma 

Q: What are the petition deadlines and timeline? 
Please refer to our graduation website for the petition deadlines and timeline: Graduation Information 

Q: For students who have already submitted ADT graduation petitions this semester and they were pre-approved by Admissions & Records, can they attend commencement?
A: Yes, all pre-approved petitions this semester can attend the commencement. 

Q: How do I get graduation approval if I am graduating early (before finishing last few units)?
A: If you are 6 or fewer units shy of graduation and planning to enroll in summer 2024 courses, you will need to upload supporting documents (a copy of your summer 2024 Graduation Petition signed by a counselor and a screenshot of your summer 2024 schedule) to the Commencement RSVP form. 

Q: Where do I check if I am graduating with honors or not?
A: To check if you are graduating with honors, high honors, or highest honors, please check your unofficial transcript in your myRam Portal after degrees are posted.  Please refer to our graduation website for the petition deadlines and timeline: Graduation Information

Q: How do I know if my degree/graduation is verified?
A: Please contact  

Q: What is the process to submit a late petition to graduate?
A: If a late petition is pre-approved and you would like to participate in the Commencement, we evaluate this on a case-by-case basis based on extenuating circumstances and whether we still have available seats at the Commencement. 

Q: Can I get my degree and diploma even if I did not register for and will not attend commencement?
A: Yes, you can still get your degree and diploma even if you did not register for or will not attend commencement.


Commencement Ceremony 

Q: Where and when will commencement be held this year?
A: It will be held at the George Rush Stadium (on the CCSF Ocean Campus) on May 23, 2024, at 11 am. 
Q: I have questions regarding ADA seating/ADA access during commencement – where will I be sitting, when and where can I sign up, where do I park/get dropped off, etc.?
A: ADA seating will be available on a first-come first-served basis. There will be ushers who will be assisting you with the lower-level seating and providing guidance as well. For ADA drop-off and parking, please refer to the (Commencement Website).
More details to come later on the Commencement Website 

Q: How can a staff volunteer for commencement?
A: There will be a staff volunteer sign-up form that will be on the Commencement Website for you to register. 

Q: Are certificate programs included in commencement or just degree programs?
A: Certificates are not included in commencement, only degree programs. 

Q: Will there be a mention in the graduation program stating that graduates are members of any organization?
A: Yes, there will be a special section in the printed and digital graduation program for special organizations/memberships/societies with students' names. 

Q: How can we receive the commencement program if we are unable to attend? 
A: A digital version of the Commencement program will be available on the website to print. 

Q: Can I remove my name from commencement?
A: Yes, please contact our email to let us know if you would like to remove your name for any reason.
Q: Is parking free the day of commencement?
A: Yes, parking will be free the day of commencement. 

Q: Will degrees be announced during the ceremony?
A: The degrees are not announced during the ceremony, only names of the graduates. 

Q: Are CCSF students allowed to volunteer in the Commencement Ceremony or is it only for staff?
A: Anyone can volunteer 


Q: What is the RSVP form deadline?
A: May 6 , 2024, 11:59 pm 

Q: What are the next steps after the RSVP form?
A: Once your RSVP Form has been submitted, you will be receiving further information about the details of the event via your student email at a later time once it is finalized. 
Q: Can I submit an RSVP form late? Can I be included in commencement even after the deadline to register?
A: No, once the RSVP Form is past due, you can no longer be included in Commencement. Please submit the form on time. Late petitions will only be evaluated due to extenuating circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.


Q: How do I get tickets for family members to attend commencement?
A: You will indicate how many tickets (up to 10) you will be needing on your RSVP Form.

Q: How will I be receiving the graduation tickets? 
A: They will be emailed to your student email. 

Q: How many family members can come to commencement? Can I get more tickets?
A: Due to fire hazards and safety guidelines, each graduate is limited to 10 tickets. Additional tickets may be requested at a later time based on availability of seats. 

Q: Do family members have to have the physical ticket to attend commencement? Can it be a screenshot/photo if I am unable to give them the physical ticket beforehand?
A: They can be pictures or screenshots, as long as we are able to scan the barcodes on the tickets for entry. 

Q: I am an employee that wants to attend commencement, how do I get a ticket?
A: There will be a separate form that Employees may fill out to obtain tickets.
Q: Are people able to get or buy tickets at the door?
A: No, tickets must be issued to you ahead of time. In the RSVP form, you will indicate how many tickets you will be needing (up to 10). Additional tickets may be issued to you based on availability. 

Q: When will I be receiving the tickets?
A: Tickets will start getting issued after May 10, 2024.