Center for Entrepreneurship and


About the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a College-wide incubator of disruptive ideas that students bring to life from concept development to market testing all the way to impact. The CEI harnesses the collaborative spirit of various Centers and academic departments within the College and community partners in providing access to critical resources and to network with entrepreneurial community in San Francisco and the Bay Area.


  1. NEWS Spring 2020 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. ENTR 101 - CRN 32958
  3. Wed, 2:10pm–5:00pm
  4. January 13 to May 20, 2020
  5. Ocean campus, Cloud 103
  6. Instructor: Vivian Faustino-Pullman, MBA

Course Details

  • Project-based (your own startup idea)
  • Workshop and lectures delivered by actual entrepreneurs and subject matter experts
  • Final evaluation is based on your demo and pitch participation
  • Field trips and immersion opportunities


  1. NEWS CCSF in Top 5 of HP Student Entrepreneurship Challenge!
  2. Kevin Posadas, Rochelle Schott and their Greenwaste entrepreneurship start-up made it to the top 5 at the NACCE Student Sustainability Challenge, sponsored by the HP Foundation.

What We Do

The goals of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation are to:

  • Offer experience-based and practical set of tools to hone innovation and entrepreneurial skills, designed to meet 21st century global and digital business environment. 
  • Present current research and best practices on innovation and entrepreneurship from industry practitioners and partners.
  • Immerse students in actual venture capital, startups, and accelerators to gain deeper industry insights and network with people with access to knowledge and technology 
  • Offer a working environment that allows for sharing of ideas and engaging with some of the community’s aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Offer entrepreneurial and personal feedback from the Center’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence partners, fellows and coaches.

Who We Serve

  • Current CCSF students (business and non-business)
  • High school students 
  • Existing and aspiring small business owners 
  • Career professionals in growth companies
  • Corporate intrapreneurs  
  • CCSF staff

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See videos from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation on the Educational Access TV YouTube channel.