The Community Health Worker (CHW) apprenticeship program is led by our partners at the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP).  The Apprenticeship is a 16-month paid training program offered to former clients of HPP and other members of the community and is registered with the California Department of Apprenticeship Standards.  Apprentices are selected by HPP and must complete pre-apprenticeship training, as well as successfully pass the course work delivered through CCSF to complete the program.

During the apprenticeship, participants receive a minimum of 250 hours of education/training related to topics pertinent to becoming an effective CHW. Participants also receive customized related instruction to fit their roles at HPP as they advance through their training.  The apprenticeship combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training.  On-the-job training consists of working with clients, reception skills, performing client intakes, use of the HPP database and other computer applications, learning about local resources, skills for outreach, and other client-centered professional skills.


About the Apprenticeship Program



16-month paid apprenticeship training program.

CCSF instructors as well as HPP’s CHW program supervisors track and monitor apprentice performance and skills development.  In partnership with City College of San Francisco, the HPP CHW apprentices will be required to take 14-units of CHW core courses and upon completion, receive a nationally recognized certification from the Department of Labor.

Where are Courses Offered

Courses are available at HPP and CCSF (delivered via remote, online, and in-person as needed).

Students or current employees must complete the following courses:

LERN 50 - College Success  (3 units)
HLTH 201 - CHW Principles and Practice I  (5 units)
HLTH 202 - CHW Principles and Practice II  (5 units)
HLTH 203 - Professional Skills for Community Health Workers  (2 units)
HLTH 203W - CHW Internship Placement  (2 units)

Upon completion of these coursework and other on-the-job training, participants will finish the Apprenticeship Certificate from the Homeless Prenatal Program through the Department of Labor. 

Students who choose to take an additional 3-units of CHW elective course work will receive the Community Health Worker Certificate of Achievement from City College of San Francisco as well.