Welcome to the Spring 2021 Edition of the CTE FACULTY NEWS to also be posted on the Academic Senate and CTE web pages at https://www.ccsf.edu/academics/career-education/cte-liason

Additionally, CTE information and issues are reported monthly to the Academic Senate. Details can be found in the Academic Senate agenda. Visit https://sites.google.com/a/mail.ccsf.edu/ccsf-academic-senate-committees/career-and-technical-education 

Please find announcements, opportunities, and information tailored to the needs of the CTE Faculty listed below. 

  • New CTE Liaison - Mia Rusali
    Please join me in welcoming Mia Rusali as the new CTE Faculty Liaison! Mia will be contributing information to CTE News starting with the next newsletter. The CTE Faculty Liaison communicates with the Academic Senate, state senate, local campus, and CTE credit and non-credit faculty regarding CTE issues related to the college. Mia can be reached at mrusali@ccsf.edu 
  •  Request for Proposals - Combined Perkins/SWP Application
    The Workforce Development Team hosted the Perkins/SWP RFP Technical Assistance Webinar on Tuesday, February 2, from 2-3:
    2021-02-02 RFP Technical Assistance Webinar Recording

    As a reminder, we’re here to help! Please feel free to reach out to Zach Lam or John Halpin, if you’d like to talk through ideas, receive assistance with Survey Monkey, or have any general questions regarding the RFP or the process.

The CCSF Office of Workforce Development is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to support and strengthen Career Education at CCSF. The RFP linked below provides the background information and procedures for applying for funds for the 2021-22 fiscal year. It combines the application process for two funding streams: Perkins V and the Strong Workforce Program (SWP).

The timeline for the RFP process is as follows:

  • Technical support webinar – February 2nd at 2:00pm
  • Technology requests due to ITS – February 17th
  • Department and Collaborative applications due – March 4th
  • CTE Allocations subcommittee meeting – Late March/Early April
  • Funding decisions announced – Late April/Early May

RFPs will be processed using Survey Monkey Apply (SMApply) again this year. There are no major changes other than those related to the short-term training - a new priority for SWP. 

Link to RFP
Link to SMApply

Also check out the Perkins and SWP webpages for additional information that may be helpful:

Reminder: Proposals are due by 11:59 PM on March 4, 2021 and must be reviewed and signed by the applicant’s respective department chair and dean. 

  • Perkins/SWP Allocation Subcommittee Membership
    The Allocation Subcommittee members serve a three-year term and are responsible for evaluating SWP/Perkins applications in March and recommending allocations of those budgets at an Allocation Subcommittee meeting in late March/early April. We currently need two new Allocation Subcommittee members to serve the 2021-2023 term and replace those members who have finished serving their three-year term. If you are interested in joining the Allocations Subcommittee, please contact Maura Devlin-Clancy at mclancy@ccsf.edu
  • SWP Work Group - Short Term Training Resources
    Thank you to everyone who participated in the SWP Work Group. The SWP Three-Year Plan was approved by the Participatory Governance Council on 1/21/21. Here is a link to the final SWP Three-Year Plan.

    The SWP Work Group continued to meet to discuss Short-Term Training. Here are some links to the last few SWP Work Group meeting documents and related materials: 

    Here is a link to the Curriculum Overview Information Guide that Dana Jae Labrecque reviewed during the 1/14/21 meeting. 

    Here is a link to the 1/14/21 Meeting Recording folder.

    Here is a link to the 12/17/20 Work Group Meeting Agenda document, which includes notes and links to the zoom meeting recording files and all of the documents that were shared during the meeting. The document also includes links to the agenda and materials from the 12/1/20 workgroup meeting. 

    Here is a link to the 10/15/20 Work Group Meeting Notes and the Slide Deck

  • Career Education SharePoint site 
    As you may have heard, CCSF is moving toward using SharePoint as an “Intranet” - a platform for sharing files, forms, and other information. SharePoint will replace the use of the archived CCSF website and looking for documents on multiple webpages. The Workforce Team has created the Career Education SharePoint communication site as a resource for faculty and staff to find and share documents related to CCSF Career Education. The new SharePoint site includes the following Documents folders:

    -Advisory Committees
    -Marketing & Social Media
    -Meeting Archives
    -Perkins and SWP Resources
    -Professional Development
    -Work Experience Resources

    Career Education SharePoint site
    Follow the site to get updates in your newsfeed.

    We invite you to browse the Career Education SharePoint site to find documents we commonly use. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

  • Professional Development Opportunity
    Registration is now open for the Spring 2021 California Community College Association of Occupational Educators (CCCAOE) Conference. This conference is being held virtually over three weeks starting on March 3 and is packed with seminars and workshops specifically for Career Education. Perkins funds are available to cover the cost of attendance so complete the Professional Development application (located in the new SharePoint site listed above). If you have questions or need assistance, please let Cece Jones know (cjones@ccsf.edu).

    Adult Education Program (AEP) Funds are also available to support Professional Development activities, such as the CCCAOE conference, for counseling and instructional faculty who teach noncredit CTE courses, vocational ESL, or who support noncredit students in career exploration or job preparation activities. Please contact Wendy Miller at wlmiller@ccsf.edu for information. 

  • Center of Excellence (COE) - Labor Market Information (LMI)
    Here is the link to the new and improved COE page at the BACCC website: https://sites.google.com/baccc.net/coe
    It has 3 sub-pages: 1) LMI News and Updates 2) Data Tools & Resources 3) Sector Profiles

    On the "Data Tools & Resources" sub-page COE features seven different data tools, dashboards and crosswalks that CCSF folks can use as they look for LMI data to help them with their work. Here is a link to the COE's most recent newsletter.

  • CTE Data Flex Day Workshop
    The Research Office hosted a Flex Day Workshop on January 15: CTE Data: A Guided Exploration. This workshop provided a guided exploration of internal and external data resources available to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and departments -  the Student Success Metrics, Argos datablocks, CTEOS, and more! The materials for the workshop are now posted in the VRC discussion thread for Flex Day January 2021:
    2021 January Flex Day Recordings/Presentation Decks 
    Note: You need to be logged in to the VRC for the link to work. 


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