Career Education SharePoint site 

CCSF has moved toward using SharePoint as an “Intranet” - a platform for sharing files, forms, and other information. SharePoint will replace the use of the archived CCSF website and looking for documents on multiple webpages. The Workforce Team has created the Career Education SharePoint communication site as a resource for faculty and staff to find and share documents related to CCSF Career Education. The new SharePoint site includes the following Documents folders:

  • Advisory Committees
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Meeting Archives
  • Perkins and SWP Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Work Experience Resources

Career Education SharePoint site
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We invite you to browse the Career Education SharePoint site to find documents we commonly use. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

Advisory Committees

Information about Advisory Committees, including current membership and how to start your own

Labor Market Data

Labor market data resources to support data-driven decision-making

Regional and State Resources

People and organizations supporting career and technical education throughout the Bay Area and statewide

Instructional and Support Materials

Employer Partners

Do you have a resource to recommend? Email

Design Assets