Note: Some measures are ongoing, some are available each semester, and some are available annually.
Institutional Metrics
Metrics Frequency of Updates Last Update

Daily student headcount and course enrollments (credit)

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Daily up to census Posted September 2021

Annual student headcount (credit and noncredit)

·  Annual student headcount

·  Students residence by Bay Area regions

·  Student demographics


September 2021

Pell grants and FAFSA applications Annual

February 2022

Counseling services (education plans, ed planning) Annual

February 2022

Student Equity and Success


August 2022

Student Learning Outcomes

Annual Posted September 2022

Workforce Metrics

Employment Outcomes - Noncredit 

Employment Outcomes - Credit 

Adult Education Program Metrics

Annual Posted August 2022
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Metrics Frequency of Updates Last Update
FTES/FTEF (instructional productivity) Annual September 2021

Student Centered Funding Formula Dashboard

Annual Posted September 2021
Hold Harmless Funding Summary Annual September 2021

Actual versus budgeted expenditures

  • Part-time faculty salaries (see p. 18)
  • U fund expenditures (see pp. 17-23)
  • Categorical expenditures (see pp. 28-35)
  • Contracts (see "services" items on pp. 17, 24, 26, 28, 40, 43, and 46)
Annual September 2021
Liquidity of reserves and reserves % (see p. 17) Annual September 2021
Bond Program Expenditures (see p. 45-51) Annual September 2021
Monthly Budget Report Monthly January 2022
Metrics Frequency of Updates Last Update
Faculty Obligation Number (FON) Annual June 2021
Hiring and Employee Diversity Data Report, Part 1 (disaggregated data for 2019-2020 new hires, for each employee group, and by instructional areas) Annual September 2020
Hiring and Employee Diversity Data Report, Part 2 (future plans, advertising details, search committee disaggregation, and student comparison data) Annual March 2021
Metrics Frequency of Updates Last Update
Project status (budget, expected completion, variances, etc.) Quarterly April 2021
ETA of next update is March 2022