CCSF is constantly researching, investing, and implementing data-driven practices proven to prepare students for meaningful work and further education.

CCSF is leading change in workforce development, job readiness, and post-secondary reform. Located in one of the world’s most technologically advanced regions, CCSF offers leading-edge training and cutting-edge technology, as well as strong industry connections benefitting students and the larger community.

By The Numbers

Student Aspirations and Needs of Regional Economy merge into Meaningful Work

Aligning student aspirations with the needs of the regional economy

The Career Education division proactively focuses on connecting CCSF’s educated student body with the needs of the regional economy. We do this by providing college and career opportunities that deepen the knowledge and skills of our students, aligning students' aspirations to meaningful careers.

Ongoing Education, Attainment of Goals, Family-Sustaining Career Paths, College Completion

Student success is our success

Our goal is to increase college completion and attainment of individual goals, empower students to enter family-sustaining career paths, and support ongoing education to stay current in their fields.

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Our Team

“I wouldn’t have been able to do everything I've done without the connections I made at City College.”
Manuel Hewitt

Owner and Executive Chef, Barrel Room

Partner With Us

We work closely with external stakeholders to integrate informed, continuous improvement on program design and student services. We measure our outcomes in terms of value-added contributions to the individual students we serve and in connecting local people to the needs of the local economy.

We pursue a variety of grants and external funding to provide innovative and leading edge programs and services to our students and our partners.

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Commissioned Research

CCSF Workforce Initiatives Analysis: An Equity Inquiry

Dr. Laura Lara-Brady, 2018

Analysis of four specific programs (AEBG, CCPT, SWP, CWEE) using five student-equity indicators and in support of the State Chancellor’s strategic plan.

Improving Access, Engagement, and Completion at City College of San Francisco: Insights from College and Community Stakeholders

RP Group, 2017.

"Way-to-Stay SF" research examines how CCSF can deepen approaches to connect local residents to education and workforce opportunities while enabling them to stay in San Francisco.