Reports and News:

  1. Certificates Count
    An Analysis of Sub-baccalaureate Certificates executive summary and data appendices
  2. The RP Group Report:
    Improving Transfer for Engineering Students
    Introduction: Engineering drives innovation critical for California’s economic growth and productivity. Yet a recent Governor’s Office report projects a shortfall of 40,000 engineers in the state by 2014. One way to address the demand for engineers is to increase the number of community college students who successfully transfer into and complete baccalaureate programs in Engineering. However, research produced by the Research & Planning Group (RP Group) suggests that the current Engineering transfer pipeline is long and leaky—offering several opportunities for improvement.
  3. Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy Report:
    The Road Less Traveled: Realizing the Potential of Career Technical Education in the California Community Colleges
    Introduction: Potential of Career Technical Education Mission is Not Fully Tapped
    The Career Technical Education (CTE) mission of California’s community colleges is not well understood by policymakers in comparison to the transfer mission of the colleges. This exploratory study, to be followed by a more comprehensive research agenda, is motivated by the belief that CTE is a vital piece of the college completion agenda but is not receiving sufficient attention. While students can be successful in CTE in ways besides earning a certificate or degree, the issuing of workforce-related credentials is an undeniably important function of the colleges.

Other Resources:

  1. Find more comprehensive research on learning assessment at RP Group.