Executive Council Scheduled Meetings




2019-20 Executive Council Meetings (Wednesdays: 2:30 - 5:00 P.M.)

To request an item be placed on an agenda of the Academic Senate Executive Council, please complete and submit the Agenda Item Submission Form (available from the Academic Senate homepage) by 5pm, the Wednesday prior to the next meeting (7 days in advance). Not all resolutions received prior to the 7-day deadline will be able to be placed on the next immediate Agenda.

Fall 2019   Spring 2020
Date Location   Date Location
21-Aug-19 MUB 140 (Till 8:00pm -Retreat)   22-Jan-20 MUB 140
4-Sep-19 MUB 140   5-Feb-20 MUB 140
18-Sep-19 MUB 140   19-Feb-20 MUB 140
2-Oct-19 MUB 140   4-Mar-20 MUB 140
16-Oct-19 Mission Campus, Room 106   18-Mar-20 MUB 140
30-Oct-19 MUB 140   8-Apr-20 MUB 140
13-Nov-19 MUB 140   22-Apr-20 MUB 140
27-Nov-19 MUB 140   6-May-20 MUB 140
11-Dec-19 MUB 140   20-May-20 MUB 140