Academic Senate Officers for 2023-2024

The Academic Senate Executive Council

The Executive Council of the Academic Senate is a group of 29 faculty members elected by the Senate at large whose primary function is to make recommendations with regard to academic and professional matters that include: 1) curriculum; 2) degree and certificate requirements; 3) grading policies; 4) program development; 5) standards and policies regarding student preparation and success; 6) college governance structures; 7) faculty roles and involvement in accreditation; 8) professional development; 9) program review; 10) institutional planning and budget; 11) other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon.

Academic Senate Executive Council 2023-2024
From our 9/20/2023 Executive Council Meeting

2023 - 2024 Academic Senate Executive Council Members

Name Department
Monica Bosson English
Jessica Buchsbaum English as a Second Language
Adam D'Acquisto Physical Education and Dance
Matthew Duckworth English
Kate Frei English as a Second Language
Katia Fuchs
2nd Vice President
Mike Greenberg Math
J. Malcolm Hillan Horticulture
Stephan Johnson Social Sciences
Kimberly Keenan Social Sciences
Thomas Kennedy English as a Second Language
Fanny Law
1st Vice President
English as a Second Language
Alexandria Leyton English
Alexis Litzky
Communication Studies
Ying Liu Biology
Sheri Miraglia
Madeline Mueller Music
Ron Page Math
Craig Persiko Computer Science
Caroline Priestly English as a Second Language
Robin Pugh Business
Louis Schubert Social Sciences
Nuala Sheetz English as a Second Language
Richard Taha CNIT
Fred Teti Education Technology/Math
Tanichya Wongprasert Communication Studies