Participatory Governance Council

The Participatory Governance Council (PGC) includes representatives from all constituent groups: faculty, staff, students, and administrators.

The PGC makes recommendations to the Chancellor in the areas of Board policies, administrative procedures, the College budget, and College-wide plans and initiatives.


2018  Agendas,Minutes, and Handouts

Agendas Meeting Notes


May 16th

3:30 PM

MUB 140




BP/AP 6.29 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Advisory (Action Item 2nd Reading)

BP/AP 7.23 Minority and Women Enterprises (Action Item 2nd Reading)

PGC Evaluation

Risk Management and Emergency Preparedness

Facilities Committee



May 2nd

Summary of Actions

May 2nd


Educational Master Plan (Action Item 2nd Reading)

Proposed Budget (Information Item)

EEO Plan (Information)

BP/AP 6.29 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Advisory (Action Item 1st Reading)

BP/AP 7.23 Minority, Woman, and Local Business (Action Item 1st Reading)

Institutional Outcome Assessment Report (Action Item)

Commencement Update

Student Equity Plan (Information Item)

Planning Committee Update (Vision Goals)

Health and Safety Committee Update


April 18th

Summary of Actions
April 18th


BP/AP 2.30 Unlawful Discrimination (Action Item 2nd Reading)

BP/AP 2.31 Sexual Harassment (Action Item 2nd Reading)

2018-2025 Education Master Plan Update (Action Item 1st Reading)



April 4th

Summary of Actions

April 4th


BP/ AP 2.30 Unlawful Discrimination (Action Item 1st Reading)

BP/AP 2.31 Sexual Harassment (Action Item 1st Reading)

Standing Committee Updates

Accreditation Committee

Budget Committee




March 7th

Summary of Actions

March 7th


Facilities Master Plan (Action Item 2nd Reading)

FMP West Parking

FMP Pedestrian Circulation

FMP Presentation

BP 2.30 Unlawful Discrimination (Action Item 1st Reading)

Student Activity Fee Proposed Increase (Information Item)

Health and Safety Update



February 21st

Summary of Actions
February 21st

Facilities Master Plan (Action Item 1st Reading)

Draft 2018-2025 EMP Update

Draft 2018-2025 Goals

Reworked Goals Section (In progress)

Planning Committee Update



February 7th

Summary of Actions
February 7th

ASCCC Regina Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award

New Catalog Language for "Placement into English 1A" Advisory

Facilities Master Plan Presentation

  Recommendations Projects 



January 17th

Summary of Actions

Janaury 17th


AP 2.08 Methods for Collegial Consultation

BP 1.15 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure

Department Name Change: from Women’s Studies (WOMN)  to Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST)  (Information Only)

Evaluation of Pilot Abridged Administrator Search Process  (Discussion)

Adoption of New Credit ESL Placement Retest Policy (Information Only)

Regular and Effective Contact in the Learning Management System (For Information Only)