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Image of Steve Nelson

John Halpin – Dean, Workforce Development

John Halpin has 20 years of experience developing and managing workforce development programs and career services.  Prior to joining CCSF as Associate Dean in 2016, John held management roles at City College’s partner organizations, including the San Francisco Office of Economic & Workforce Development and JVS. John encourages all CCSF students to register with College Central, build their LinkedIn profile and connect with Career Services.


Career Services
Ocean Campus, Cloud 331
(415) 452-7013

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Janel Hadden – Research Assistant

Janel has been with CCSF since 1997 holding various roles within the Workforce and Economic Development Department. She strives to be as resourceful as possible to our students, staff and faculty. You will often find her around campus doing outreach--passing out chocolates and sharing information about Career Services. When she is not working at the college, her two boys keep her busy with activities. She has a passion for being as green and earth friendly as possible and loves finding new ways to save money!

Quote: “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open.” - James Dewar

Cooperative Work Experience
Ocean Campus, ARTS 210
(415) 452-7045


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Steve Nelson – Employment and Training Specialist

What gets Steve up every morning and across the Bay to City College is the prospect of assisting students with discovering their passions and communicating their life experiences and skills to potential employers. Steve has six years of experience in the employment services field working with diverse Bay Area students from all walks of life. When he is not working with students and employers, he is wading through the rivers of Northern California collecting beautiful stones, hunting for non-hallucinogenic mushrooms, and sorting through his garden compost pile. 

Quote: “If at first you don’t succeed, try something different.” - Anonymous


CNIT, CS, GIS, and Library Sciences
Ocean Campus, ARTS 210
(415) 452-7104

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Arya Zarrinkelk – Employment and Training Specialist

Arya Zarrinkelk is the Steve Kerr of career counseling. Never officially being a career counselor before his previous tenure at Bay Area Video Coalition, Arya has helped over 300 clients ranging from ages seventeen to seventy find employment and higher education opportunities. Arya balances a warm and fun approach to career counseling with a strict level of accountability. Arya won't let his clients fail. His mantra is "lent now, mardi gras later." He attributes his success to his colleagues at BAVC, playing bass, and his innate ability to grow amazing beards.

Quote: "Every morning I wake up and sing my mantra like the blues, I cannot lose. Time to get up and move." - Quelle Chris

Learn more about Arya!

Arts, Media, and Entertainment
(415) 895-2091

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Melissa McPeters - Employment and Training Specialist

Melissa has worked in gearing up students up for jobs for over a decade.  But that's not all.  She uses her Taekwondo experience to overcome hurdles and to encourage others to see that our primary obstacle is sometimes ourselves.  Melissa is very project-oriented and loves home construction, gardening, fashion design, cooking, exercising, and traveling.  She looks forward to helping students reach their goals!

Quote: “Never stray from the Way.” ― Miyamoto Musashi

Transportation & Building & Construction Trades Sectors
Evans Center
(415) 550-4424

Photo of Margarita

Margarita Ward - Employment & Training Specialist

In addition to being an alumna of CCSF, Margarita previously worked at City College's DSPS and the CalWORKs Education & Training departments. An Employment and Training Specialist for over 10 years, she's heard repeatedly from healthcare employers that they prefer to hire City College healthcare graduates. During her spare time, you'll find her glamping near a river or lake, spending time with her family.

Quote: "Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." ― Conrad Hilton

John Adams Center
(415) 561-1930

Bianca Nunez - Employment & Training Specialist

Bianca is an alumni of CCSF, and is excited to be back helping students! Before working at CCSF, Bianca held various roles throughout Bay Area agencies, including casework with the Alameda County Department of Child Support Services, and analyst work with the San Francisco Unified School District. She believes in the importance of education and community partnership, and enjoys supporting students dedicated to serving the public. 

Education, Public & Social Services
Ocean Campus
(415) 239-3922


Berg Headshot

Jonathan Berg - Employment & Training Specialist

Jonathan is a masterful trainer/coach. Clear communication and building strong, beneficial relationships are cornerstones of his work. In 2012, after training to be and working as a stage actor, Jonathan realized he wanted to make a more direct impact on people’s lives and has been doing that as a workforce developer. Jonathan aims to provide honest feedback and support to his students, helping them realize their dreams and potential and actualize those through clear behavioral training. Jonathan leads with his heart and finds success in helping others find theirs. When not at work, he is performing as a dancer and singer, tending his garden, and spending quality time with his dog and partner.

Business & Finance
Ocean Campus, Cloud 106A
Downtown Center, Room 513
(415) 452-7122