Study at CCSF to Earn a Degree and/or Transfer

Is your goal to earn a college certificate, college degree, or transfer to a 4-year college or university? Then the Credit (Academic) Program is right for you.

Credit (Academic) Programs
Associate's Degrees, Certificates and Career Programs
Degree programs require completion of a minimum of 60 semester-units (2 - 2.5 years), and Certificate programs usually require completion of fewer than 60 semester-units, generally between 12 to 30 (0.5 - 1.5 years). Additionally, the College offers roughly 45 degrees and 30 certificate programs on the semiprofessional level - these provide specialized college-level training designed to qualify students for employment in various fields. Semiprofessional preparation is provided in both degree and certificate curricula.
University Transfer Programs
Credits earned in specified courses are transferable to four-year colleges and universities, where you can complete your bachelor's degree. CCSF is proud to report that it has one of the highest rates of transfer for its students to both the University of California and California State University (CSU).


To determine if you are eligible to apply to our Credit (Academic) Program, please answer the following question: 

Do you have any one of the following:

  • TOEFL score of 56 (IBT-internet based)?
  • TOEFL score of 483 (ITP-paper-based)?
  • IELTS score of 5.5?
  • or Duolingo score of 85?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then you qualify to apply for the Credit (Academic) Program.

If your answer is NO TO ALL of the above questions, you may apply for the Conditional Admission Program, which means that you will begin in the Intensive English Program (IEP) to improve your English skills and prepare to take the Institutional TOEFL. Upon passing the Institutional TOEFL, you will be admitted into the Credit (Academic) Program the following semester. 

Deadlines to Apply

To be considered for admission into our Credit (Academic) Program, applicants must apply and submit all required documents by the deadline dates of:

Fall Semester 

  • May 1
  • June 1 for Transfer Students/Change of Status Students

Spring Semester

  • October 1
  • November 1 for Transfer Students/Change of Status Students

Read the Steps to Apply


The fee schedule below is payable by international students at the time of registration (12 units/credits are mandatory, and 18 units/credits maximum per semester; fees are subject to change without notice):

  • International Student Tuition Fee: $290 per unit x 12 = $3,480
  • Regular Enrollment Tuition Fee: $46 per unit x 12 = $552
  • Capital Outlay Fee: $3 per unit x 12 = $36
  • Health Service Fee: $20 per semester (Spring/Fall) = $20 ($16 for Summer semester)
  • TOTAL Estimate Tuition and Fees per Semester (12 units): $3,480 + $552 + $36 + $20 = $4,088
  • Mandatory F-1 Health Insurance Fee (in addition to the total listed above): $1,332 for 6-month coverage.

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is available to assist students with academic planning and course selection. CCSF is noted for its Student Counseling which provides personalized options and opportunities customized to its students. There are over 75 fields of study in both certificate and degree programs at City College of San Francisco. CCSF specializes in providing the first two years of the baccalaureate (four-year) degree and excels at allowing our students to transfer to top-quality public and private universities.

Information about Academic Counseling