Concurrent Enrollment Requirements

Current F-1 students studying full-time at another institution and who hold a valid Form I-20 issued by their school may attend City College of San Francisco on a part-time basis under the following conditions:

  1. The student must currently be enrolled in a full-time program at a college or university which issued the form I-20 at the time of your enrollment and while enrolled at CCSF. Students currently studying at a language school are not eligible for concurrent enrollment.  
  2. A student is currently not on OPT. Students on OPT are not eligible for credit program classes except for recreation.
  3. CCSF students always have enrollment priority. Not all CCSF courses are open for Concurrent Enrollment applicants (e.g. classes in the Nursing Department, Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies).
  4. Tuition and Additional Fees (subject to change at any time):
    • International Student Tuition Fee: $307 per unit 
    • Regular Enrollment Tuition Fee: $46 per unit 
    • Capital Outlay Fee: $7 per unit
    • Total Estimate Tuition and Fees per Semester: $360 per unit
    • In addition: Health Service Fee: $20 per semester