Eligible F-1 students may be able to transfer to another school. Students need to keep in mind that acceptance to another school does not mean an automatic transfer of their SEVIS record (I-20) to the new school. F-1 students must request their current school (CCSF) to transfer/release their SEVIS record (I-20) to their new school before they can begin full-time studies at their new school.

F-1 students generally transfer in the following situations:

  • Complete a certificate or associate’s and wish to transfer to an upper-division school to continue with a bachelor’s or graduate degree
  • Currently studying at City College of San Francisco but wish to change to a new school
  • Currently on OPT and starting a new program of study at a different school

Transfer-Out Procedure

  1. Compete the online Transfer-Out Request Form.
  2. Ensure all financial obligations are taken care of at CCSF. This is required to see your grades and obtain your official CCSF transcript. Some schools require proof of student’s compliance to pay tuition and fees before accepting students for transfer
  3. Clear all holds on myRAM. Some holds include outstanding library fees or mandatory insurance holds. If you are transferring at the beginning of the semester, some holds are placed on your record automatically.
  4. If you've already registered for a future semester (after the transfer date) but are now planning to transfer out, please drop any future CCSF classes that you don't plan to attend. Students transferring out generally have a hold placed on their account to prevent them from registering for future semesters unless they re-apply as returning students or concurrent students.
  5. Contact the new school’s International Office to arrange how to receive your new I-20. Students will receive an e-mail once the transfer out is complete. Please allow 5-7 business days for this process to be completed. 
  6. Report to your new school’s international office before the program start date listed on your new Form I-20. 

Transfer Eligibility

F-1 students who wish to transfer their record must fulfill the following:

  • Must currently be maintaining F-1 status
  • Must have an offer of admission from a new school
  • If already graduated or completed OPT, must still be within a 60-day grace period
  • The start of classes at the new school must be within five (5) months of:
    • Program completion (listed on your I-20 as the “Program End Date”)
    • The last day of class for the current semester if you did not petition to graduate
    • OPT authorization end date as listed on your EAD card. If a student decides not to complete OPT, the start date must be within 5 months of the requested SEVIS release date

Why a "SEVIS transfer date" is required

F-1 SEVIS records are only available to one school at a time. F-1 students who wish to maintain their status but with a different school must indicate a transfer release date on their online Transfer-Out Form. Once a SEVIS record is transferred:

  • CCSF can no longer make any updates or changes to F-1 student records in SEVIS
  • OPT authorization is immediately canceled regardless of the end date printed on EAD card
  • CCSF on-campus work authorization is canceled
  • CCSF I-20s are no longer valid for travel to the U.S.

Once a SEVIS record is transferred or released, the new school will gain full access to the F-1 student’s SEVIS record and will be able to produce a new Form I-20. Students who have completed the transfer process should coordinate with their new school to receive a new “Transfer Pending” Form I-20.

If you require guidance on choosing a transfer release date, please contact a DSO in the Office of International Programs. As each student’s situation is unique the same date is not appropriate for every student.

Please contact a DSO in our office to answer specific questions. Each student has a unique situation that may require individual attention.