Note: During COVID-19, counseling appointments are held via Zoom or phone. To meet with a counselor, please visit the Student Counseling Website, or email for assistance to book your appointment. 

Counseling Services for F-1 International Students

International Students who need to request one of the following: 

  1. Visit the Office of International Program (OIP) located in Cloud Hall 212 or email
  2. An OIP classified staff will assist with scheduling a counseling appointment 
  3. Meet with a counselor to complete required documentation
  4. For RCL and I-20 Extension, the counselor will complete the request forms electronically. The completed forms will automatically be sent to the Office of International Programs. We will then contact the student via email with further instructions to complete their request. 

International Students who need support with Academic Counseling Services such as, but not limited to: 

  • Educational Planning
  • Career Planning (MUB 101)
  • Transfer questions
  • Graduation: Degree/Certificate questions
  • Probation
  • Other counseling needs
  1. Please visit one of our Counseling Offices listed below

  2. A classified staff will assist with scheduling a counseling appointment
  3. Meet with a counselor to discuss and develop your educational plan
  4. Follow-up with your counselor if additional questions, resources or support is needed for your success at CCSF