Apprenticeship & Preparation

The City College of San Francisco in cooperation with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) and local joint apprenticeship committees offers "related training" apprenticeship programs in designated trades and occupations. Apprenticeship on-the-job training is not offered by the College, but by employers who participate in our apprenticeship programs. Most traditional apprenticeship programs are three to five years in length, similar to a four-year bachelor's degree program. With preparation and recent innovation, programs can be 18-months to two years. 

Apprenticeship is designed to prepare individuals to become highly qualified, well-trained workers who have solid knowledge as well as specific, technical job skills for the diverse and technical needs of hundreds of industries and occupations. Upon completion of an apprenticeship program, the State of California Department of Industrial Relations California Apprenticeship Council awards a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship in the trade or occupation.

Recently, the California Community College Chancellors Office introduced the California Apprenticeship Initiative to apply the apprenticeship model to create pathways to in demand, high wage and high-growth careers. Community colleges, employers, industry leaders, and the Division of Apprenticeship Standards collaborate to develop registered apprenticeship programs for high-demand jobs such as information security (cybersecurity) analyst, the College’s newest apprenticeship program.

Persons interested in seeking apprentice status and enrollment in apprenticeship "related training" classes not listed in this catalog should contact the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards or the local sponsoring joint apprenticeship committee. For more information about apprenticeship programs supported by the College, contact the individuals listed here.

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CCSF’s offers several apprenticeship programs across multiple sectors including pre-apprenticeship programs. Pre-apprenticeship prepares students to meet the basic qualifications for entry into one or more registered apprenticeship programs.  Pre-apprenticeship teaches basic technical skills and job-readiness skills for a designated occupation or sector, to prepare students for registered apprenticeship training.

CCSF offers Pre-apprenticeship in Automotive Mechanic. Learn more below.