A Network of Makerspaces for the CCSF Community in San Francisco.

Check out digital and analog fabrication equipment such as laser cutters, 3D printers and shop tools, and experience modern teaching and learning environments equipped for hands-on learning, collaboration and teamwork.

A big thanks to the CCC Maker initiative from the California Community College Chancellor Office Workforce & Economic Development for supporting the creation of MakerSPHERE at CCSF.

Science Building 211, Ocean Campus
Ambient wireless environment for digital and analog projects related to the Internet of Things, equipment and tools for computational tinkering and creative coding, paper craft and light fabrication. Students taking MAKR 100 will meet in this space. For more information, contact Maura Devlin-Clancy, mclancy@ccsf.edu
Collaboratory/Media Center
Rosenberg 403, Ocean Campus
Modern furniture for collaboration and teamwork, 3D Printing Center, maker supplies and materials, Crafty Thursdays, and ongoing activities. For more information, contact Miguel Magos, mediacenter@ccsf.edu
Evans Maker Center/Industrial LAB
1400 Evans Avenue, San Francisco
Hands-on learning for careers in Construction, Automotive, Welding, and Fashion. Well-equipped labs with industrial equipment for each sector. Working at the Industrial Lab will allow students to take their prototypes and build them on a much larger scale. For more information, contact Arcadia Maximo or Torrance Bynum.


MakerSPHERE Highlights


FALL '19 STEAM First Year Experience

  • Discover your interests with hands-on projects.
  • Tinker with technology, tools, and other fun gadgets.
  • Identify careers, choose a major using resources and strategies.
  • Learn how to find a job: resumes, interviewing, and networking.
  • Get on a pathway to a career or 4 year college.