Scott's Background

Before working in the substance-abuse field, Scott Schulman had been focusing on his own experiences. “I’ve been in recovery myself for quite some time. It was always in my mind that I wanted to make this my career.” Scott moved from New York City to San Francisco in pursuit of a switch from other industries and jobs. “As part of my move here to California, I decided to change careers and enter the field to really make my life about service and support to the substance user and abuser.”

What Brought Scott to CCSF

After the cross-country move, Scott thought to himself, “’What is the best program in the San Francisco area for this?’ Pretty much every answer I received was City College of San Francisco.” The program was everything he was looking for and more, and Scott found his happy place among the academics. “The professors, in particular, really are astounding.”

Scott's CCSF Experience

Taking four courses, plus working full time, was challenging for Scott in the beginning, yet he soon found he was hitting his stride and summoned the energy needed to get through his full plate of work and school. “I’m motivated personally to be the best I can be in the field I've chosen. It motivates me to not be in the dark: I want to be informed, so I can offer a higher level of support and care.”

Why CCSF Was a Good Choice for Scott

In the future, Scott wants to help not only substance abusers but also ex-offenders needing help with services on the outside. “I'm very interested in not only exploring additional avenues for substance use disorder but also in exploring avenues for reentry services.” Scott continues being of service to others and cultivating friendships, community, and support, although he does love being in school at CCSF. “If I could be a student every day for the rest of my life, I would be. It’s my happy place. I'm just a nerd, and I love it.”

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