Pamela's Background

Pamela Dixon works full time at Stanford University while simultaneously taking classes at City College. As a lifelong learner, she previously earned a BA in art history and an MS in library and information science, both from the University of Arizona. “My mother liked to do a lot of work around the house, so I’d see her doing some plumbing, electrical ... putting in dropped ceilings in the house.” Pamela’s mother always had her take classes that kept her working with her hands and encouraged constant artistic expression. “She would buy me things that I could fix, break, and fix.”

What Brought Pamela to CCSF

With knowledge her mother instilled in her at a young age, Pamela began working as a handywoman, doing “little jobs like tiling someone’s floor or replacing baseboards or painting.” This led her to CCSF. These days, Pamela is focusing on creating. “I have always worked with my hands.” The certificates in carpentry and real estate she is pursuing will allow her to fulfill her dreams and also create a source of lasting income doing what she loves.

Pamela's CCSF Experience

Living in San Mateo while commuting to Stanford and CCSF means that Pamela is always on the go, so she values what the City College courses have to offer. “It’s great to have CCSF, because having the real estate and the construction at the same school saves me a lot (of time).” She has enjoyed her classes, recalling one moment in particular during a class assignment: learning how to wire a threeway switch. The satisfaction Pamela felt when the light switch worked was confirmation she was in the right place. “That was the moment I was like, ‘This is for me. I'm going to keep going.’”

Why CCSF Was a Good Choice for Pamela

In the long run, Pamela wants to provide for herself and her husband while engaging the many things she has learned over the years. “Since I plan on doing real estate and construction, I'm hoping to purchase properties, renovate them, and rent them.” She has plans to create a profitable future immersed in creativity and growth. Despite having prior degrees, Pamela values what she has learned above all else. “The one thing I know I’m going to walk away with is an invaluable set of skills I will be able to use for the rest of my life and this great sense of pride and accomplishment going through a construction program, which is traditionally a male-dominated field.”

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