Matthew's Background

Matthew Ho was born and raised in San Francisco, having an eye for business since he was in middle school. “My first business was selling chocolate in the class.” He understood basic e-commerce intuitively, and before he knew it, Matthew was ordering gum and candy in bulk and distributing it to three other schools in the local area. “That was the starting capital of all my businesses.”

What Brought Matthew to CCSF

A talent for photography landed Matthew multiple employment opportunities, and his success in school generated multiple acceptance letters from University of California campuses. However, health challenges meant staying closer to home and family. Since staying in San Francisco was a priority, he decided on CCSF and secretly hoped it would be more than just a steppingstone, that he could create a meaningful experience as well.

Matthew's CCSF Experience

Since enrolling at CCSF, Matthew has steadily attended every semester, including summer sessions. He has created and led three student clubs: the Finance Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and along with one of his professors, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. “It’s a great networking opportunity for students, and it is helping beyond the City College community.” Networking in one of his classes, Matthew also started a fine-goods import business based out of Ukraine and Italy so he could create jobs for his friends.

Why CCSF Was a Good Choice for Matthew

His educational pathway has not been without complications, but Matthew continues to strive to look on the brighter side of things. “You can't compare the sun and the moon. They shine by themselves at their own time.” He is completing his business degree and applying now to 20 campuses. But pursuing education is just a backup plan to Matthew’s many other endeavors. “Thinking won’t overcome your fears; action will. That has been my underlying principle. I want people to define themselves and not have someone else shape [them]. That’s my advice.”

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