Luh's Background

Luh grew up in Bali, an island in Indonesia, where she received her degree in architecture. “I worked before for a design consultant firm, and I was the administrative manager/executive assistant. So, I did a little bit of everything.” During her time working as an admin there, Luh oversaw drawings and assured clients’ needs were being met. In 2013, she moved here with her husband. She adjusted to the weather and culture but admits that at first it was challenging, because San Francisco is much more direct and fast paced than Bali.

What Brought Luh to CCSF

Immersed in a new city, Luh wanted to acclimate to her surroundings and chose to enroll in administrative classes at CCSF to refresh her skills and knowledge base. “I wanted to be able to speak the way the people here speak and learn how they project themselves. It’s just so different from where I came from.” Enrolling herself in classes opened up opportunities to meet new people. “That was my first network when I first got here. When I got here, I knew no one.”

Luh's CCSF Experience

Luh decided to study business and complete her administrative assistant certificate through CCFS’s program. She completed the units for a two-year program in one year thanks to her professors, who consulted with her on how to best go about finishing her program in a shorter amount of time. When an instructor suggested she had a knack for formulas, it was clear she would be successful at the algorithms behind Salesforce. Luh now works as a Salesforce Administrator at the Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco, a prominent synagogue in the city.

Why CCSF Was a Good Choice for Luh

Luh started volunteering for All Stars Project, Inc., a non-profit organization helping young adults from low-income or isolated communities. The program provides extracurricular activities aimed at connecting young adults with business organizations here in San Francisco. “At CCSF, I found out that I’m drawn to the non-profit center.” In the year Luh spent at CCSF, she completed the administrative assistant certificate and all five Microsoft Office certificates for Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. All of the classes were free for her and provided opportunity to find a job doing what she loves.

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