Helpful CCSF Information Links

Steps to Become a CCSF Student
Information on applying to CCSF as a new or returning credit student, new noncredit student, new noncredit or credit high school student, non-degree seeking credit student, or international student.

Make an appointment to get your Education Plan
Schedule your Education Plan appointment through the CCSF counseling appointment system.

Covid-19 Updates and Important Information
Information on the latest Covid-19 updates and instructions on how to report status, claim exemption, upload documentation, and download and install the CCSF Mobile app.

Emergency Preparedness
Important information on how to prepare for an emergency and what to do. To learn more about this topic, please also see the Emergency Procedures Booklet (PDF).

Look up Class Schedule/ Find Classes
Latest information, updates, and links to current class schedules/classes.

Get Help Registering for Classes
Whether it's your first semester at CCSF or you're a continuing student, Admissions & Records can help you through the process of registering for classes for an upcoming term.

Important Semester Dates and Priority Registration Dates
Helpful registration and semester calendars and deadlines to remember. Please consult the deadline dates for short-term courses in the online schedule of classes.

Tutoring at CCSF
CCSF offers tutoring in various subjects at Ocean Campus, several centers, and online. Tutoring, computer labs, study spaces, and course materials are free to use and available online until further notice.

Virtual Counters for Different CCSF Offices
Connect with different CCSF offices online for assistance: Admissions & Records, Noncredit Admissions and Registration, Registration, Tuition and Fees, Residency, Free City, Transcript Evaluations, Graduation, Certificates, and HS Enrollment.

Student Code of Conduct and CCSF Types of Disciplinary Procedures (PDF)
The Code of Student Conduct is a statement of the San Francisco Community College District's expectations regarding student standards of conduct, both academic and non-academic. Students are expected to obey all laws and District policies and regulations. Students shall be subject to discipline for violation of these laws, policies, and regulations. Student misconduct may also be subject to other regulations of the District, including but not limited to regulations regarding complaints of harassment and discrimination.

Student Conduct & Discipline has the responsibility to uphold the Student Code of Conduct to impose disciplinary action as appropriate and to assure the implementation of the CCSF Student Discipline and Student Due Process Procedures.