DSPS Mission Statement

The overall mission of DSPS is to provide exemplary instruction, support services, and access to students with disabilities. DSPS will support students with disabilities in educationally related activities consistent with the mission and vision of CCSF and in compliance with federal and state laws.

With equal access as its hallmark, the faculty and staff of DSPS are committed to the following:

  • Opportunity - To ensure equal educational opportunities and encourage retention of students with disabilities who have the potential to achieve academic, vocational, and life skills goals consistent with the CCSF mission.
  • Empowerment - To empower students with disabilities to achieve independence and integration leading to maximum participation in the college and community.
  • Awareness - To provide information and support to CCSF employees and students in carrying out the institution's responsibilities to students with disabilities.
  • Community - To serve both as a resource to the community and a linkage between students with disabilities and community agencies.

DSPS Staff and Faculty

DSPS Department Chairperson:
Olga Galvez (Merritt)

DSPS Coordinator:

Carol Amen - Full Time Counselor
Geoffrey Brown - LD Specialist/ Part Time Counselor
Savio Chan - Full Time Counselor
Terence Chuck - Full Time Counselor 
Ellen Conaway - LD Specialist/ Part Time Counselor
Erica Tom - Full Time Counselor
Tina Wong - Full Time Counselor 

Classified Office Staff & Classroom Aides:
Stephanie Cano
Franklin "Frankie" Chavez - Alternate Media Specialist
Calvin Chen
Elizabeth Cruz - Junior Management Assistant
Bruce Lee
Kathy "Kat" Lee
Mireya Leon
Emily Liang
Olivia Santiago
Luong Tran - System Administrator
Linda Trieu
Kathy C. Williamson
Audrey Yee

Sarah Liv Beck 
Malaika Finkelstein 
Galina Gerasimova 
Judy Goodman
Soonduk Lee 
Vivien Mun
Dora Rodriguez
Maia Scott

Special Projects:
Olga Shvarts