16 College Facts to Know!

The transition to College from high school is exciting but can also be overwhelming. Here are 16 facts to know before entering college!

  1. College is just one alternative; for some it is the right choice.
  2. College courses vary in difficulty, some require lots of reading such as history or psychology, some require lots of writing such as English and some require lots of practice such as keyboarding or basketball.
  3. People who graduate from college usually make more money in their lifetime.
  4. Students can be “kicked out” of college
  5. A college education costs money.
  6. Students in college classes may range in age from 16 to 80 years of age.
  7. Some college classes meet one day a week, some meet two days a week and some meet every day. Some classes meet at night. Some do not meet at all (for example, Online classes).
  8. Some classes are more demanding than others.
  9. In college, class attendance may or may not be required.
  10. Sometimes classes in college may have more than 100 students.
  11. At a community college (like CCSF) students who are struggling with class work may get more academic support than what a four-year university can offer.
  12. Even though a community college is supposed to be a two-year college, students often take more than two years to complete all requirements.
  13. When students satisfactorily complete a college course they are done with that course; they do not have to repeat it.
  14. College counselors advise students on what classes to take; they may not plan class schedules for individual students.
  15. In college, students are expected to self-advocate by seeking out help and asking questions.
  16. College students need to be independent and take responsibility for attending class, taking notes, doing homework, meeting deadlines, etc. There isn’t anybody to remind students of these things. (No one tells students what they need to do and where to go).