Counseling SLO/SSO Assessment Reports

DSPS Assessment Plan (2021-2024)
This document lists the DSPS program's Goals and Student Service Outcomes (What will be assessed), Assessment Methods and Procedures (How will it be assessed) Benchmarks (Criteria for Success) for the 2021-2024 period.

DSPS Biennial Survey Supplemental Memo (October 19, 2021)
DSPS conducted a biennial survey of DSPS students and CCSF faculty/staff in April 2021. This memo reports the results of two additional questions added to each survey to support the SSO assessment

Spring 2021 DSPS SSO Assessment Report (In Review)
This report outlines the progress in SSO/ SLO outcomes, methods, and procedures for the 2021 Academic Year.

DSPS Surveys CCCCO Report Memo (May 20, 2021 - Updated May 28, 2021)
DSPS is required by the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) to conduct a survey every two years of students and faculty/staff who engage with DSPS. The student survey recorded 319 responses, while the faculty/staff survey recorded 280 responses, a 180% and 97% increase in the number of responses, respectively, from the 2019 survey.