Online Learning

CCSF offers a variety of online classes that meet the needs of students who want more flexibility in their class schedule.  They are ideal for working students, parents, or students who enjoy learning online.  Online classes provide students an opportunity to learn in an environment that is physically remote from instructors and classmates, and at the same time close and personal. They open the classroom to a world of dynamic, diverse content.
Some courses are partially online.  These hybrid courses include a mixture of face to face class sessions and online activities.

Things to know about online classes

Online classes are not self-paced. Students are required to participate regularly.   As with face to face classes, online sections have assignments, quizzes and exams.  It is important for students to meet deadlines, and the class follows the regular semester schedule. The primary difference between online and face to face instruction is that classes take place within a learning management system (LMS).  CCSF uses a system called Canvas for most of its online instruction.

Check here for a list of online classes that meet transfer and graduation requirements: Transfer List/Graduation Requirements (PDF)

Learn more about  online classes at CCSF.