Are you ready to take an online class?

Online classes provide a great deal of flexibility; however, they are not for everyone. To succeed, you have to be self-motivated, possess good study skills, and be an independent learner. Online classes are as challenging as on-campus courses. Online classes are not self-paced. Course assignments, quizzes, and exams have deadlines. Some courses have an on-campus component.

The video above, Introduction to Online Learning, has more options. Select the first option (Multimedia Presentation) for a feature-rich interactive presentation, or choose the transcript option if you prefer to read, or tune in to the audio option. 

The State of California's Online Education Initiative (OEI) has developed additional interactive tutorials and tools, which may increase your chances of success in any online course. 

Tips for Success!

As many students are transitioning to a remote learning environment, The Learning Assistance Department and the Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology are here to help. Read about succeeding as a remote or online learner.

Consider taking LERN 55:Successful Online Learning or the Passport to Canvas course. More information is below.

Enroll in LERN 55: Successful Online Learning

The Learning Assistance Department offers LERN 55, a one-unit online class in successful online learning. Generally, the course is offered three times a semester. Master successful online learning in 6 weeks. Gain proficiency using Canvas as a holistic learning environment: access instructions and course materials; participate in the community; complete assignments, and receive help from the instructor. Implement behaviors conducive to successful online learning: time management, goal setting, and self-motivation. Apply study strategies to reading e-books, and create study tools for an e-portfolio. This is a great course for students new to, or seeking to master online learning.

Interested in taking LERN 55?

Passport to Canvas: Share, Apply, Elevate

Passport to Canvas, a self-paced tutorial

How ready are you for your online course this Semester?

Congratulations! If you have registered for an online course and want to travel deeper into the world of Canvas, enroll in Passport to Canvas. Pack your bags for a thorough journey that will help you learn about using Canvas as a student. At each passport stop, you will collect a badge (passport stamp). You can choose to begin your journey at the very first passport office, or you may choose to pick a different spot to begin your exploration!