The following Certificates of Achievement are available entirely Online or Hybrid-online as of 2021-2022. However, it is important to note that the availability of specific classes within these degree programs online may vary from semester to semester. Additionally, there is a possibility that the classes may reach maximum capacity. It's worth mentioning that students have diverse educational plans and timelines for completion, so this information serves as a helpful FYI rather than a guarantee. 

Tips for Success in Completing Fully or Partially Online Programs

  • Meet with a counselor. Ask questions about your Education Plan and regularly meeting with a counselor.
  • View your Education Plan using DegreeWorks.
  • Follow your Education Plan. Don't assume you can substitute or waive specific courses. Check with your counselor or faculty advisor.
  • Maintain continuous enrollment. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment in at least one course per academic year (fall or spring semester). Failure to maintain continuous enrollment will result in the loss of catalog rights. For more details, see your counselor or faculty advisor. You can read more about Catalog Rights in the Degree and Certificate section of the college catalog.
  • Submit your graduation petition BEFORE the deadline. See the instructional calendar for the actual deadline date.

CCSF offers Certificates of Achievement. We encourage students to work with a college counselor and a department program advisor to establish an education plan during the first semester of study. For more information, contact the Transfer Center.

Certificates of Achievement
Community Health Worker Certificate
Community Health Workers (CHW) provide health education, case management, and client advocacy in both community-based and health care settings. CHWs serve as a two-way bridge between communities and key health and social resources. They play a vital role in reducing health inequalities among underserved communities by reducing barriers to access in a culturally appropriate way.
Computer Technical Support Certificate
Students in this program practice diagnostic troubleshooting, technical and logical problem solving, end-user training, and customer relations skills. Students completing this certificate program will be qualified for entry-level computer technical support, IT and help desk positions.
Computer Programming: Java Certificate
The program of study for the certificate in Computer Programming: Java includes instruction and practice in the Java programming language including database interaction, as well as software engineering practices.
Computer Programming: C++ Certificate
The program of study for the certificate in Computer Programming: C++ includes instruction and practice in the programming language C++, use of the Linux operating system, and a broader context of computer architecture, parallel programming, shell scripting, or database queries.
Creative Writing Certificate
The Creative Writing Certificate is interdisciplinary, allowing students to major or minor in creative writing and develop skills that support careers in publishing, editing, web-editing, and non-profit organizations in the arts/arts education.
Film Studies Certificate
The Film Studies Certificate of Achievement teaches students to think critically about the culture, aesthetics, and technology of film and media. The expansive curriculum of the certificate develops an understanding of media production as a global enterprise.
Healthcare Interpreting Certificate
The Healthcare Interpreting (HCI) Certificate is a 17-unit program designed to train bilingual and bicultural students to become linguistically and culturally competent interpreters who can function effectively and efficiently in a variety of health and community settings.
IGETC Styled list
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum
The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a series of courses that you can complete at CCSF to satisfy the freshman/sophomore level general education requirements before transferring to most colleges and majors at UC campuses.
Latin American and Latino/a Studies Certificate
The Certificate in LALS is comprised of a 3-unit core course combined with elective units, providing students with theoretical and methodological tools to understand and analyze the complexity of Latino/a lives in the United States.
Multimedia Content Creation for the Internet Certificate
Students will utilize common tools and techniques to create effective and engaging internet content. They will be able to conceptualize, produce, and deliver meaningful multimedia material including video, audio, and social media posts.
Web Application Programming Certificate
The program of study for the certificate in Web Application Programming will give students a solid grounding in full-stack open source web development skills.