Noncredit Forms
Form Description

Add/Drop/Reinstate Form

Request to add or drop classes.
Change of Directory Information Request to add/change directory information including legal name, address, social security number and more.  Request must be submitted along with a copy of your government issued photo I.D. and any additional required documents. 
FERPA Release Form Request to release or restrict educational records.

High School Concurrent Enrollment Form

Permission/Consent form for high school enrollment.
Transcript Request Form Please contact the Noncredit department at
Form Description
Petition for Noncredit Certificate Petition for a Noncredit Certificate.
Petition for Course Substitution/Equivalency Request to transfer course work to CCSF for the Certificate Program.
Petition for Waiver of Certificate Requirement Petition to waive a required course.
Duplicate Diploma or Certificate Request Form Request a duplicate copy of your diploma or certificate.