City College of San Francisco offers both credit and noncredit certificated programs of study. Students who have fulfilled the certificate program course requirements as stated in the CCSF college catalog may petition to receive their certificate.

Petition for a Credit Certificate

A credit certificate is not automatically awarded once students have completed required courses. Students must complete a certificate petition form and email this to  

General Information for all Credit Certificates:

To earn a credit certificate from CCSF, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Coursework: Complete all required courses as listed in the college catalog.
  2. Residency requirement: Students must successfully complete at CCSF at least 20% of the units required to earn the certificate.
  3. Grade requirement: Students must pass all letter-graded certificate-applicable courses with a C or better and all P/NP certificate-applicable courses with a P.

Important Dates to Request Your Credit Certificate

    Credit Certificate Petition For Spring 2023:

    • Submission Date: January 17, 2023
    • Deadline Date:  March 24, 2023  (Extended to May 24, 2023)
    • Final approval:  End of August 2023 
    • Certificates Mailed: End of September 2023

    Credit Certificate Petition For Summer 2023:

    • Submission Date: June 1, 2023
    • Deadline Date:  July 31, 2023
    • Final approval:  End of October 2023
    • Certificates Mailed: End of November 2023

    Credit Certificate Petition For Fall 2023:

    • Submission Date:  August 16, 2023
    • Deadline Date:  December 1, 2023
    • Final approval:  End of March 2024 
    • Certificates Mailed: End of April 2024

    Petition for a Noncredit Certificate

    1. Complete a “Petition For Noncredit Certificate” form for each certificate.
    2. Make an appointment with a counselor to go through the certificate requirements.
    3.  If there is any course substitution request, a Petition For Course Substitution/Equivalency form must be submitted with Department Chairperson/Designee approval.
    4. If there is any course waiver request, a Petition For Waiver Of Certification Requirement(s) form must be submitted with Department Chairperson/Designee approval. 

    Please allow 3 months to receive your certificate(s) after submission.

    For questions about your Noncredit Certificate, contact:

    Noncredit Admissions & Records
    50 Frida Kahlo Way, MUB 160

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Credit Certificates: Students can complete the credit request for duplicate certificate form. This must be submitted along with a photo ID to Note: Certificate will be mailed and received in about 3 months.

    Noncredit Certificates: Students can complete the noncredit request for duplicate diploma/certificate form. This must be submitted along with a photo ID to  Note: Certificate will be mailed and received in about 3 months.

    Duplicate certificates are free of charge

    A student must submit a separate petition certificate form for each certificate that they wish to receive.

    Credit certificate petitions will be evaluated using the requirements for the catalog rights specified on the petition. If you are unsure of which year you qualify for, please see your counselor, program advisor or department chair. If the catalog rights year is left blank, your certificate will be evaluated for the current catalog year.

    A department chair or program coordinator must approve any substitutions.

    If any program requirement is being substituted with courses which were taken at colleges or universities other than CCSF, the following must be completed:

    1. The department chair or the program coordinator completes and signs appropriate areas of the petition form, and
    2. All substitutions must be supported with official transcript(s) from other schools. Official transcripts must be on the student file at Admissions and Records by the time of final review. 

    CCSF awards their own certificate for IGETC UC, IGETC CSU and the CSU GE-Breadth. Certificate completion should be reviewed by a counselor. Once reviewed, a certificate petition can be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.

    Do note that petitioning for a CCSF IGETC certificate from CCSF is separate from an IGETC certification that must be sent to your designated transfer school. For IGETC certification, you should start the IGETC process by seeing a counselor at the Transfer Center. The counselor approves/signs all IGETC paperwork which will be brought to A&R by the student. A&R certifies and mails out the IGETC certification.