Add Courses Before the Semester Begins

Every term you are an active student, you will be assigned a date and time to register before the semester begins. On or after that date through the first date of instruction for the term, you can log on to your myRAM Portal and add classes. Please refer to our Registration Page for instructions on how to register before the semester begins.

Add a Course On or After the First Day of Instruction

  • Once instruction has begun, you can submit a class add request.
  • Submit a Class Add Request under your Student Portal.
  • If the instructor has space in the class, they will approve you to add the course and you will be notified by email at your CCSF student email address.
  • Once approved students will have 3 days or until the last day to add the course (whichever comes first) to add the course in their myRAM Portal.
  • View Class Schedule webpage for Short-Term Course Deadlines (see document titled Important Dates for Short-Term Credit Classes) 

Guides for Adding Classes

Do you already know the crn (course reference number) that you want to add?  Follow these easy steps below to Register:

  1.      Log in to your myRAM Portal
  2.      Under Student Portal click Register Now
  3.      Choose the semester, then go to Current Schedule tab
  4.      Type in the 5 digit crn and press Register, you can enter multiple crn's at once.       
  5.      All done! Continue to add more courses by repeating these steps or going to        Build Schedule page and searching for courses.

**Please note this function does not work for getting on a wait list.  Please add to a waitlist with the steps below.

  Or ADD a course by building and comparing schedules:

  1. Log in to your myRAM Portal
  2. Select Student Portal
  3. Select Student Registration
  4. Once you have arrived at the scheduler, select the appropriate term and Course status.
  5. Select the Add Course option.
  6. Use the scheduler to find and add courses, select +Add Course for each course you are adding. Once completed, select Done.
  7. You will then press Generate Schedule and View Schedule to see all created schedules.
  8. Add your courses to by selecting Send to Saved Schedule and press the Register button.

About Class Adds

  • A Class Add Request can only be submitted on the first day the course has started. An error message will appear if you attempt to submit a request before the course has started.
  • Students may continue to sign-up for a waitlist as part of the regular registration process prior to the 1st day of class; however, students will be removed from the waitlist before the 1st day of class.
  • Students on a waitlist prior to the 1st day of class will no longer automatically transfer to the class add request list. If you are still interested in adding the course on or after the 1st day of class, you must submit a Class Add Request.
  • Students who submit a class add request will be prioritized by their original priority registration appointment date/time.

How to Submit a Class Add Request

  1. Login to your myRAM portal and select ‘Student Portal’
  2. Select ‘Class Add Request’
  3. Enter the CRN of the course you are requesting to add and press the Go button
  4. You will be prompted with a confirmation screen. Review the information and press Confirm to submit the request
  5. You will receive confirmation that your request has been submitted. Currently, you can only have a maximum of six (6) class add request at any time.
  6. Press Main Menu to return and you will see your request listed. Currently, you can only have a maximum of six (6) class add request at any time.

After You Submit a Class Add Request

  • You will receive a confirmation to your CCSF email
  • You will also receive an email to your CCSF email if you have been approved.
  • If approved, you must add the class through your myRAM Portal. Please follow the ‘How To Add a Class‘ steps above.  The Course Status filter should be set to All Classes (Open & Full).  Once approved students will have 3 days or until the last day to add the course (whichever comes first) to add the course in their myRAM Portal.
  • View important deadline for short term courses

Late Add petitions are required after the last day to add a course in person or online.  Late add petition requests can be made by the student emailing the Instructor and requesting a Late Add Petition.  The Instructor has the authority to approve or deny the request.  If approved, the Instructor will start a digital Late Add Petition which must be signed by the student, Instructor of the course and the Department Chair.  Instructor and Department Chair contact information can be found at Academic Schools & Departments and Employee Directory.  The Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs signature is required after the semester is concluded.  Once all parties have signed the digital Late Add Petition, it will be routed to be processed and the student will be notified once complete.

View Important Dates

**Please note that adding late in to a class may mean that you are adding after the date to receive a full refund and you may be liable for fees if the course is dropped.

Drop a Course

You may drop or withdraw through your myRAM Portal commencing with the first day of instruction. If you have registered for a class but no longer attend it or have never attended it, you must drop or withdraw from the class.

Follow the steps below to drop a class

  1. Log onto myRAM Portal
  2. Select Student Portal
  3. Select Student Registration
  4. Once you have arrived at the scheduler, select the appropriate term and course status
  5. Select Current Schedule
  6. Select Edit or Drop Classes
  7. Select the drop-down menu under Registration Status
  8. Select Drop/Remove
  9. Finally, press the Save button

Notes About Dropping a Class

  • If you wish to drop a class with no notation on your permanent record, you must initiate a drop on or before the deadline for full and short term length courses.
  • You are liable for all fees for courses dropped after the published deadline dates.
  • Students are responsible for class prerequisites, academic calendar deadlines, services information, and registration procedures.

Deadlines for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from a full-term course are listed in the class schedule.  

Go to the Class Schedule 

Calculate Deadlines for Classes that Meet Less than Full Term

Classes with different start or end dates may have different add, drop, or refund deadlines.

Description Calculation
Last date to drop with a refund 10% of class meeting times
Last date to add 20% of class meeting times
Last date to drop a class without a W 20% of class meeting times
Last date to apply for pass/no pass 30% of class meeting times
Last date to withdraw with a W 75% of class meeting times
Course Repetition

Q. What’s Happening?

Effective Fall 2013, most of the courses at City College of San Francisco that have been repeatable will lose that repeatability. Students who have taken one of these courses and gotten a passing grade will, in general, not be able to enroll in that course again. In addition, courses in Art, Dance, Music, Physical Education, and Theatre Arts will have further restrictions. The faculty in those departments has grouped these courses into course “families”. Students will be limited to a total of four enrollments in courses that are grouped into a family.

Q. Why is this Happening?

City College of San Francisco operates under the requirements of state regulations, which include regulations regarding course repetition. These regulations were changed in July 2012, to be implemented in Fall 2013.

Q. How can I find out the details of course families in Art, Dance, Music, Physical Education, and Theatre Arts?

Information about families will be printed in both the College Catalog and the Time Schedule.  You can also find information on the Course Repeatability page.

Q. Is City College of San Francisco doing anything to provide more options to students?

Yes! In an effort to continue to serve students, faculty in Art, Dance, Music, Physical Education, and Theatre Arts have created new courses to help ensure students continue to have as many opportunities to take their courses, within the limits of these new regulations.

Q. What will happen when I try to register for classes?

If you are repeating a course you have passed, you will need to submit a Course Repeat Petition with all requirements listed in information page.  If you are repeating a course that you have received a substandard grade and you have taken less that three times (and have received a substandard grade each time you have taken the course), then you will be able to add the course in your myRAM Portal without getting a registration error message.  If you have questions or need help with a course repeat petition, please email us at

Q. Can course be repeated due to Covid 19 pandemic?

Per the State Chancellor Office, the ability to retake courses due to Covid 19 ended June 2020.  Please follow the normal course repeat process.

Q. Will this affect noncredit classes?

No. Students are still able to enroll in noncredit courses more than once.

Will I still be able to repeat a course if I get a D or F?

Yes, you will still be able to re-enroll up to two times in a course in which you got a substandard grade.

If I took a course at another community college, can I repeat a similar course at CCSF?


Q. Are there any exceptions?

There are a small number of courses that will be able to keep their repeatability. Those courses are indicated in the Catalog.

You will be able to re-enroll in work experience courses, up to a certain credit limit. Limits are published in the Catalog.

You may be able to petition to repeat a course you previously passed based on a significant lapse of time, if there were extenuating circumstances that led to your previous grade, if there was a significant change in industry or licensure standards, or if repetition is legally required for employment (e.g., a CPR course for child care workers). Contact the Dean of Admissions and Outreach for details.

Repetition of credit courses is allowed under the following general circumstances:

  1. When the course has been designated as repeatable.
  2. When repetition is necessary to meet a legally mandated training requirement as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment.
  3. To allow a student to alleviate a substandard grade of D, F, NP, or NC.
  4. When the district determines that there has been a significant lapse of time since the course was taken.
  5. When the district finds that the student’s grade is, at least in part, the result extenuating circumstances.
  6. When the student is repeating a course in occupational work experience.
  7. When a student with a disability is repeating a special class for students with disabilities.

Details of each circumstance are included below.

Before repeating any course, it is required that a student seek the advice of his or her counselor. In some cases, a course cannot be repeated more than twice without the advice and approval of the department’s faculty advisor or the department chair.

Students should be aware of the following:

  1. When a student repeats a course, the original grade is not removed and therefore remains a part of the permanent record.
  2. When a student repeats a course in which he or she has received a grade, any withdrawal with a “W” or “MW” counts as a repetition.
  3. When a student repeats a course to alleviate a substandard grade of D or F, the original grade will not be used in calculating the student’s CCSF grade point average.
  4. When a course is repeated, the latest grade will count for the purposes of GPA calculation even if it is lower than the original (except for “notation only”).
  5. When a student repeats a course in which he or she has received a passing grade (for example, because of a significant time lapse) the student will not receive a second grade or a second set of units unless the course has been designated as repeatable. The notation “Post Grade Only” will be used instead.
  6. Course repetition may affect a student’s financial aid or other benefit status. Please check with the appropriate office.

Please fill out the Course Repeat Petition and submit it to Registration,  at

**Please note that all required documentation must be submitted and all signatures obtained within 7 days for the petition to be reviewed.


Excused Withdrawal/Military Withdrawal

Acceptable Reasons for an Excused Withdrawal/Military Withdrawal

In accordance with Title 5, section 55024(e), the governing board of a district shall adopt an EW procedure based upon verifiable documentation supporting their request. An EW is acceptable when a student withdraws from a course(s) due to reasons beyond their control, which include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Job transfer outside the geographical region;
  • Illness in the family where the student is the primary caregiver;
  • An incarcerated student in California State Prison or County Jail is released from custody or involuntarily transferred before the end of the term (In the case of an incarcerated student, an excused withdrawal cannot be applied if the failure to complete the course(s) was the result of a student's behavioral violation or if the student requested and was granted a mid-semester transfer);
  • The student is the subject of an immigration action;
  • Death of on immediate family member;
  • Chronic or acute illness; 
  • Verifiable accidents; or
  • Natural disasters directly affecting the student.
  • Other (e.g. institutional error, jury duty, family emergency, extended litigation, or work conflicts).
  • Military Withdrawal: A Military Withdrawal may be granted when a student who is a member of an active reserve United States military service receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses.  If approved an "MW" will appear on the transcript for each course.  "MW" shall not be counted in the permitted number of withdrawals, nor shall it be counted in progress and dismissal calculations.  Required:  A copy of the student's military orders submitted along with this petition.

Verifiable documentation can include but is not limited to a note from a doctor stating the student is not currently able to complete the work due to illness, employment verification for a new job, a booking report, police report of an accident, or any other documentation that proves the student completion of a course is impractical.  The Chancellors Office defines impractical as impossible due to reasons beyond the student's control.  The determination shall be made by the local college's admissions & records office.

In addition to the documentation, students are required to submit a written statement with this petition detailing their circumstances and justification for requesting an Excused Withdrawal/Military Withdrawal.

A student may request to use an EW for only one course or all courses in a term depending on the reason for the request.


Please fill out the Excused Withdrawal/Military Withdrawal petition and submit it to

Pass/No Pass

Important: The Pass/No Pass option is currently available on myRAM Portal, you can access this under your Student Portal. You can also submit a Pass/No Pass Grading Request form to the Registration Center at, please be advised processing may take a few days.


For full-term course deadlines, please refer to Important Dates. For short-term course deadlines, please refer to the Class Schedule webpage (see document titled Important Dates for Short-Term Credit Classes).

Please note that not all courses offer a Pass/No Pass grading option. 

If you have a question about the deadline for pass/no pass of a particular course, please contact us at

Some courses offer the grading option of Pass/No Pass. In order to change your grading option:

  1. Log onto myRAM Portal
  2. Select Student Portal
  3. Select Pass/No Pass Grading Request
  4. You will see the classes you are registered in for the current term listed here
  5. Next to the class you wish to change the grade mode for you will see a checkbox, click the checkbox and hit submit when done

There is a deadline to change your grading option to Pass/No Pass. Please check the Registration and Academic Calendar for more information.