Meet With a CCSF Veteran Academic Counselor:

If you are planning to use your GI Bill® / VA Educational Benefits at City College of San Francisco, you are required to meet with a CCSF Veterans Academic Counselor in Cloud 333.


Please call 415-239-3486 to confirm the dates and times of Counselor availability and to set up an appointment.

You need to bring a copy of the following to your counseling appointments:

  • DD214
  • Certificate of Eligiblity (COE) or 1990 submitted application
  • Transcripts - at least an unofficial transcript(s) of all prior college-level coursework (pending official transcripts)

This will allow the VETS counselor to begin construction of an educational plan (required) as well as account for previous coursework (also required by the federal regulations of the Dept. of Veteran Affairs), pending the receipt of official transcripts.