Meet With a CCSF Veteran Academic Counselor

If you are planning to use your GI Bill® / VA Educational Benefits at City College of San Francisco, you are required to meet with a CCSF Veterans Academic Counselor to approve all enrolled classes in Ed plan.

If you are a new student, complete step 1-7 before scheduling a counseling appointment (step 8).

  • New Student Checklist

You can see counselor on Zoom, on the phone, or in person. Please check for counselors’ availability at:

Phone:  415-239-3486, or Zoom: Virtual Help Counter.

Ed Plan can be found in myCCSF Login

how to find ed plan

- During the phone/zoom appointment, please be in front of a computer if possible so we can share screen and information with you. - For phone appointment, you will receive a call from an unknown/blocked caller. - For Zoom appointment, please have the APP installed beforehand, a Zoom link will be emailed to your CCSF email address.