Enrollment Requirements

All new students enrolling in credit classes are expected to participate in the following steps to receive an earlier registration date.

  1. Apply to CCSF
  2. Complete the New Student Orientation
  3. Get Your English & Math Course Placement
  4. Create an Education Plan with an Academic Counselor

Exemption from Enrollment Steps

However, you may be excused from participation in assessment, orientation, or counseling if you meet any of the criteria below:

  • You have already earned an A.A./A.S. degree or higher (U.S. accredited institutions only).
  • Your educational goals do not include:
    • Transfer to a college or university
    • Attainment of certificate, degree or basic skills (i.e., math, English, ESL)
    • Career development
  • You are enrolling in courses mandated by industry or licensure standards

How to File for Exemption

  1. Fill out the CCSF Admissions Application.
  2. Complete the Enrollment Steps Exemption Form
  3. Register for classes in your myRAM Portal