City College of San Francisco is an exciting place to be! Located in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, City College is the place to build your future.  Our extraordinary faculty and staff offer a world-class education and some of the most unique, cutting-edge programs available.

This orientation outlines all of the wonderful programs and services available to you at City College of San Francisco to help guide you on your educational journey. After your Math and English/ESL placement assessment and orientation, make sure to meet with one of our counselors to develop your educational plan. Please pay close attention to other services that are available such as financial aid, EOPS, tutoring services, assistance for students with disabilities, clubs and organizations.

Whether you plan to earn an associate’s degree or certificate, transfer to a university, upgrade your job skills, learn language skills, or take a class for personal enrichment, City College has classes and programs that will meet your needs and help you succeed.

Because a well-rounded education is not earned solely in the classroom, we also offer a broad range of other activities including sports, theater, music, speakers, forums, clubs, and organizations, among many others.  Our college community is committed to providing each student with a rewarding and fulfilling educational experience.

City College of San Francisco belongs to the community and continually strives to provide an accessible, affordable, and high quality education to all students. City College will move in new directions to remain at the forefront of educational and career needs for its local citizens.

We are here to support your educational and professional goals. We look forward to seeing you at City!