Application Deadlines:

Important dates and deadlines for application submissions:

Aug 31      Application Deadline – CSU, Spring Term 2020, online applications must be submitted
                                                          by 11:59 pm on August 31,

Sept 30
      TAG Deadline – UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) for Fall Quarter 2020
                                               Apply online at:

Nov 30      Application Deadline – CSU, Fall Term 2020 Admissions

Nov 30      Application Deadline – UC, Fall Term 2020 Admissions





Not to be missed, the CCSF College Fair 2019!

The 33rd Annual College Fair is here on  Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

Over 45 colleges and universities will be available with information about their programs and application procedures.  Please come by to meet with the college representatives about transfer opportunities.

Event:  33rd Annual College Fair
Location:  Smith Hall Cafeteria, Ocean Campus
Date:  Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Time:  9 AM – 1 PM


  • Fall 2019 Graduation Petition for Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT).
    Degrees in Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) & Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) 

    Click here for more information and major requirements
    Filing Deadline: Friday, October 4, 2019   

      ·   Administration of Justice

·    Journalism

      ·   Anthropology

·    Mathematics

      ·   Art History

·    Political Science

      ·   Biology

·    Psychology

      ·   Business  Administration

·    Public Health Science

      ·   Child & Adolescent Development

·    Social Justice: Ethnic Studies

      ·   Communication Studies

·    Social Justice: Feminist, Queer, and Trans Studies

      ·   Early Childhood Education

·    Social Justice: Gender Studies

      ·   Economics

·    Social Justice: Labor & Community Studies

      ·   English

·    Social Justice: Latin American and Latino/a Studies

      ·   Film, TV & Electronic Media

·    Sociology

      ·   Geography

·    Spanish

      ·   Geology

·    Studio Arts

      ·   History

·    Theatre Arts


  • Attention Students:  Recommended reading ~

          “Six Keys to Saving by Starting at Community College

          “Your Money: Bargains for the First 4 Semesters




  • Good News from UC Santa Cruz!

Eligible California community college or California State University students can now take a UC Santa Cruz course for free!

By signing up for Intersegmental Cross Enrollment, California community college or California State University students can enroll in one undergraduate course at UCSC each term, on a space-available basis. The program formerly had a fee associated with it, but now it is being offered free of charge.

This option may be an excellent chance for students to experience a UCSC course, or to help them prepare for their major before they transfer to UC Santa Cruz or another UC.

Click here for detailed information about UCSC Intersegmental Cross Enrollment.


  • UCLA pre-recorded workshops via PrepTalk.TV

Transfer Admission to UCLA School of Nursing

Transfer Admission to UCLA School of Engineering

Top Five Tips for Successful Transfer Transition

and many more.......


Private Colleges/Universities


  • NEW!  Ivy League Universities seeking qualified transfer students!

University of Pennsylvania
Yale University

  • Transfer Information Sessions at Mills College

       Get transfer-specific information about admission, transfer of credit and financial aid + campus tour.

       Click here for a list of campus visit programs.



Scholarships :

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) is announcing their scholarships for the 2016-17 academic year.

•  More than 40 scholarships are available
•  Awards range from $1,000 to $40,000
•  Students may apply online starting Jan. 6, 2016...
•  Eligibility requirements vary, but all scholarships consider financial need

Visit for eligibility requirements and application instructions.



Caution: The final responsibility for a successful transfer program rests with the student. This information changes frequently and can impact your admission to the university. It is highly advised that you meet periodically with counselors at City College AND advisors at the university to confirm your choice of classes and educational plan.

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