Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions


1. When must I pay my fees?

All fees are due at the time of registration. You may either pay by credit card, check or cash. Students are assessed tuition fee, enrollment fee, health fee, associated students activity fee, student representation fee, myRAM Portal user fee and in some cases, instructional materials fees.

What should I do if I can’t afford to pay my fees at the time of registration? 

You should:

A.       Apply for financial aid, by filling out the FAFSA (, and/or apply for a California College Promise Grant (Formerly Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver)

B.       Sign up for a payment plan (the district payment plan is administered by Nelnet Business Solutions to spread your payments out during the semester. Once classes have begun, you must drop your classes by the mandated deadline dates to avoid unwanted fees/charges.


2. How do I sign up for a Nelnet payment plan?

Simple Steps to sign-up for a Nelnet payment plan

  • Login at (log in using your Student ID and Password #).
  • Click on the Student Account > Installment Plan

If you use cash ONLY, you will NOT be able to participate in the payment plan.

To participate in the NBS payment plan you are required to use a credit or debit card for automatic payment.  If you only use cash as a form of payment, Students will be required to pay in full in person at the Registration Center, MUB 130B at the Ocean campus.


3. What are the costs associated with the payment plan?

A summary of all the fees associated with the payment plan is listed below.

Fees payable by students who sign up for the payment plan   -

Description of Fee



Sign-up fee


$18 per semester.

Processing Fee


$2 For full payments received through NBS payment portal.

Return Payment  Fee


$30 for each returned payment due to insufficient credit or Debit account.



No interest will be assessed for any balance on the payment plan.



4. How do I make payments?

You can make payment plan payments with a Credit or Debit Card, you will make all payments directly to Nelnet Business Solutions, not to the Registration Office. If you only use cash, you will not be able to participate in the payment plan.


5. Is there any minimum amount I need to owe in order to sign up for a payment plan?

No. NBS will allow you to set up a payment for any outstanding balance. However, It is recommended that students who owe less than $50.00 pay their fees in full to avoid the additional $18.00 payment plan set up fee.


6. What if I add or reduce my total unit load such that my payment plan balance changes?

Nelnet Business Solution will decrease or increase your payment amounts automatically (depending on the balance due). You may contact NBS with any questions regarding your Payment Plan. You may contact Nelnet Business Solutions to inform them that your fee balance has changed. They can assist you in adjusting your payment plan up or down. You can contact NBS at 800-609-8056.


7. What if I decide that I want to pay off my plan balance early?

Students who pay their fees in full 72 hours prior to their payment plan due date will not have their scheduled payment amount deducted direct from their account. You may contact NBS to schedule payment in full at 800-609-8056.


8. What if I default on my payment plan?

If you default on your payment plan, you will have a hold placed on your record before the end of the term and you will not be able to register for any subsequent terms until the balance is paid in full. You will not be able to request official transcripts until your fees have been paid in full. In addition, you will be sent to collections for the outstanding fees owed to the college. If you pay your outstanding balance and enroll in a subsequent term, you will be able to sign up for another payment plan.


9. Who should I contact if I have a question about my payment plan?

You can log in to the which will take you directly to "Manage Your Account". You will need your NBS agreement number provided to you when you initially enrolled in the payment plan in order to manage your account. If you have forgotten this number contact NBS directly at 800-609-8056. Agents are available 24/7.


10. Can I sign up for a payment plan at any time during the semester?

No. There is a deadline date established each semester. After that date you will not be able to sign up for a payment plan. (See The later that you sign up for the plan, the fewer payments you’ll make but the amounts will be larger.


Summer 2020

Last Day to sign-up

for a payment Plan Option










April 24 20% 2 May & June
May 27 20% 1 June Only


Fall 2020

Last Day to sign-up

for a payment Plan Option










June 25 20% 5 July - Nov
July 27 20% 4 Aug - Nov
Aug 27 20% 3 Sept - Nov


11. Do I have to be determined eligible for financial aid in order not to be dropped from my classes by the deadline?

No. If you filed a FAFSA and your FAFSA was processed by the Federal Central Processor and received by the Financial Aid Office within five business days of the drop date, you will not be dropped. You should plan to file at least two weeks prior to your registration date to ensure that CCSF receive your FAFSA.


12. I have applied for and received a California College Promise Grant (CCPG) (Formerly Board of Governor’s Grant) waiver. Will this fee waiver cover all my fees?

No, the CCPG only covers enrollment fees. It does not cover additional fees you are assessed (e.g. health fee, student body fee, student representation fee, instructional materials fees, etc.) If you cannot pay these additional fees, you are encouraged to apply for federal financial aid by filling out the FAFSA ( While you will not be dropped if you file a CCPG, you are responsible for the payment of the additional fees. Failure to pay any remaining balance will prevent you from registering in subsequent semesters.


13. I am a California resident and I am being charged as a non-resident student. What should I do?

You must submit proof of California Residency to the Residency Unit, in the Office of Admissions and Records, MUB 188 at the Ocean Campus. In the meantime, while your case is being reviewed, you must select “Residency Adjustment Pending” on the Self-Exemption page in myRAM Portal to avoid being dropped for nonpayment of fees.


14. Will I still be able to pay by check?

Yes. You may pay by check before the payment due date in the Registration Center, MUB 130B at the Ocean Campus. You may mail your check to the Registration Center, MUB 130B, 50 Frida Kahlo Way, San Francisco, CA 94112 (Please allow 48 hours before your due date for processing).