Visual Media Design Department

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© 2016 VMD Dept.| Photo by Julia Sperling, VMD Student


The Visual Media Design department offer courses in:

  • visual and interaction design
  • digital skills for web and print
  • digital illustration
  • animation and gaming

We are a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. We work with students ranging from first-time Mac users to seasoned professionals looking to pick up specific skills. As a department, we value creative thinking, collaboration, and social responsibility which we weave through our courses at all levels.

Check out our current offerings and descriptions of our degrees and certificates in the PDF below.

We also offer mentors who help students explore their creative ideas, organize their schoolwork and navigate the complicated tools and processes  of design. 

To see the mentor schedule, click here.

Free City: Take Classes for Free*

Free City is a 2-year pilot program beginning in Fall 2017. This program pays the enrollment fee of $46 per unit for verified San Francisco residents and non-residents who qualify for a resident exemption (AB540, AB134, AB2000). Students verify their eligibility while registering online. 

This program does not cover any additional fees such as the Health fee, Student Activities fee or any course material fees such as books, notebooks, etc. 

For additional information, click here.

* A San Fransisco resident student taking 12 units would pay only $26 plus course materials as opposed to $578 plus course materials. Not totally free, but pretty close! 

Web and Mobile Programs

We are offering  Web and Mobile Design and Development Programs at CCSF.  These programs are collaborative between the Computer Science (CS), Computer Networking and Information Technology (CNIT), and Visual Media Design (VMD) departments. Contact us to request more information.