The Visual Media Design department conducts classes at both Ocean and Mission campuses. Our students enjoy access to state of the art Macintosh computers and software, in addition to a wide range of other equipment and workspaces.

Computer Labs and Classrooms

The department maintains seven separate Macintosh computer labs distributed across the Ocean and Mission campuses. Each lab is equipped with industry-standard Adobe software, an extensive collection of Adobe Open Type fonts, scanners for digitizing original artwork, and a variety of output devices.

This hardware infrastructure directly supports the learning process across the range of courses offered by the department. Our classes are held in rooms that are often adjacent to computer labs, allowing for a seamless transition between lecture, critique and computer demonstration. Small class sizes that allow each student in digital courses access to their own computer round out the personalized experience that students receive in our program.

Letterpress Studio

Book arts and typography students have access to an impressive letterpress facility housed at the Mission Center. The studio boasts five separate presses, including two Vandercooks and three Chandler & Price platen jobbers. Letterpress students also have access to hundreds of cases of vintage wood and foundry type. The letterpress facility affords students a unique look into type and printing history, which supports the concepts and skills explored in the digital classes.