VMD students working

Emerge Studio

Emerge Studio is a full-service design studio for the City College community, providing high-quality communications pieces for a broad range of projects and services. We can assist you in assessing your needs and planning your project, as well as providing a wide range of budget-conscious solutions. Our portfolio includes web sites, apps, posters, brochures, marks, ad campaigns, and exhibits for all areas of the college. The studio is staffed by advanced design students, working with a team of faculty advisors in an advanced Studio Practicum course.

Contact Colin Hall, our Production Coordinator, for more information at 415-239-3082 or chall@ccsf.edu.

Digital Printing Services

The Visual Media Design production facility at the CCSF Mission Center is available to all City College departments and programs. We offer full-service digital color, multi-page black-and-white reproduction, and specialty offset printing, billed to your department via Transfer of Expenditure. Digital printing is well-suited to short-run jobs and multiple-page documents such as course readers. A variety of binding options and paper stocks are available. Our primary goal is to provide our students (and Emerge Studio clients) with cost-effective high-quality printing.

(We are currently unavailable to serve our community partners due to safety protocols.)

For further information, please contact our Production Manager, Colin Hall at chall@ccsf.edu.