Two VMD students working

Build Your Resumé with Professional Experience 

While you are still in school you may look for opportunities to gain on-the-job experience to sharpen your skills and resumé.

You can receive academic credit for this work if you enroll in the classes below:

  • VMD 194A Internship/Work Experience I
  • VMD 194B Internship/Work Experience II

These courses are for advanced students seeking off-campus work experience to augment their education. Unpaid internships lasting 80 hours or more will earn 1 unit of credit, with more credit available for a greater time commitment. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 7 units in the same semester as the internship. Students should research local firms to find a suitable work environment, though faculty advisors can help with this. Please contact Patricia Chytrowski at for more information and assistance with placement.

CCSF AIGA Student Group

Founded in 1914, AIGA remains the oldest and largest membership organization for design professionals. Through the national office in NYC and local chapters throughout the country, the AIGA works to stimulate thinking about design and design practice.

Our CCSF AIGA Student group was founded to help students to take the first step in demonstrating a commitment to their profession. The goal of the group is to get students involved in the local design community, create a community of their own and help them build valuable skills to ease their transition to the profession. Our past activities have included a juried Student Show, design speakers, workshops, gallery/museum visits and just-for-fun social events, as well as participation in the activities of the San Francisco AIGA Chapter. Each semester, we hold a membership drive to help students obtain a reduced-cost membership.

For more information, contact Patricia Chytrowski, Faculty Advisor.