Child Development & Family Studies

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The goal of the Child Development & Family Studies Department at City College of

San Francisco is to provide a developmentally appropriate education for students,

families and children that reflects a commitment to high quality and a broad

understanding of how children learn and grow. 


  • Programs

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  • Careers

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Looking for a job or career with children or youth? Check out the job binder in MUB 249 at the front desk featuring jobs and internships for 2019-2020.

Employers and students seeking jobs should contact the CDEV Employment specialist, Bianca Nunez at!

Call 415 452-5605 for more information!


  • Admission

Enrollment is open to all students interested in working with children or youth in early childhood, K-12 classrooms or school-age and youth programs. Click here for Admissions and Records.

FREECCSF is available for all California residents who are also residents of San Francisco. Tuition funded through a partnership with the City of San Francisco! Take advantage of free tuition to complete or start your career in CDEV or update your skills.  


  • Transferring to a Four-Year College

The AS Degree with a Major in Child Development allows students to earn a degree at CCSF that includes specialized courses in child development. An AS-T degree in Early Childhood Education and an AA-T degree in Child and Adolescent Development are also available that are specifically designed for students interested in transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue further career goals. Students may continue coursework in child development, ECE - K-12 education, and related fields such as social work or counseling. Students may also continue to pursue an elementary, secondary or CTE teaching credential (required to teach in public K through 12 schools in California) or receive a BA or BS degree in a related field. Additional courses may be needed for future K-12 teachers.


  • Certificates in Child Development

Child Development Department Certificates are available to students in a variety of topics including:

  • Child Development: Practitioner Certificate - 18 units
  • Infant Toddler Certificate - 18 units
  • School-Age Certificate - 18 units
  • Administration Certificate - 18 units
  • Professional Development & Advocacy Certificate - 18 units
  • Violence Intervention Certificate - 18 units
  • Family Childcare Certificate - 6 units
  • Pre-Teacher Certificate - 12 units
  • ECE Associate Teacher Certificate - 12 units
  • Youth Worker Certificate - 24 units
  • Special Education: Early Intervention - 18 units
  • Special Education TK-12 - 18 units
  • Introduction to Special Education - 8 units

Find out more about our programs on our Program page, or visit our catalog pageor register for classes, or call (415) 239-3172.


CDEV Department in the News!

The Teacher Prep Center has received a grant through 2021 from the National Science Foundation! This NSF/ATE grant will support the creation of future STEM and CTE teachers at CCSF! Visit the ATE Central website to learn more! Visit our Teacher Prep Center pages to learn how to participate!  


Read about new CDEV Program in the SF Women's Jail. Feature article in SF Examiner, 7/23/15 -



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Call Maria Zavala at 415 239-3172 or  



Students and employers are encouraged to contact the CDEV employment specialist, Bianca Nunez at Bianca can assist with job postings, recruitment, resume and job search skills and more! 

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