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Teaching children or youth provides opportunities to change the lives of children and families for the better, and to evolve as a human being.

CCSF's Child Development and Family Studies Department supports students who want to care for infants or teach in preschool, engage in after-school and youth work, teach in TK-12 or college classrooms, and centers a commitment to social justice, a broad understanding of children's development and the importance of responsive relationships. We offer career advising, academic counseling and a friendly face to help you as you begin or continue your journey to becoming an educator!

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The AS Degree with a Major in Child Development allows students to earn a degree at CCSF that includes specialized courses in child development. The AS-T degree in Early Childhood Education and an AA-T degree in Child and Adolescent Development are also available that are specifically designed for students interested in transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue further career goals. You may continue coursework in child development, ECE - K-12 education, and related fields such as social work or counseling. You may also continue to pursue an elementary, secondary or CTE teaching credential (required to teach in public K through 12 schools in California) or receive a BA or BS degree in a related field. Additional courses may be needed for future K-12 teachers.

Certificates in Child Development

Child Development Department Certificates are in a variety of topics including:

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Earn your Child Development Degree!


CDEV Congratulates our graduates across our AS/AST/AAT Degrees!
 Congratulations also to our students who have been awarded Professional Development Certificates, these help build your portfolio and capacities as a teacher.  
Visit our online class schedule for a list of our Credit and Non Credit classes.    

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Child Care for students!

Childcare for students is available at Ocean and Mission Campuses.

Ocean and Mission child care centers are working to reopen in spring as  COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Teachers want to WELCOME children and their families as soon as it is safe to do so! Meanwhile, please enroll in the CDEV 8101, these classes are currently held remotely-look for them in the Non Credit Schedule. You will find lots of resources, curriculum and activities for home and nature learning opportunities for parents and your children , as well as, for practicum students.  Priority is given to income-eligible families attending CCSF PT or FT as students.  If there are still openings SF families who are eligible may enroll. Income eligibility is determined by the State Department of Education guidelines. Please contact 415 561-1895 or Akiyo at